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The top 3 benefits of taking the DEPT® Growth Marketing Assessment

Laura Colton
Laura Colton
Content Communications Specialist
4 min read
2 September 2022

Beginning in 2021, DEPT® created a Growth Marketing Assessment of 400 marketing leaders across the United States to better understand whether or not brands are in a state of growth marketing and to help brands evaluate and optimize their overall marketing approach. The assessment surveyed respondents at companies with at least $100 million in annual revenue and focused on four distinct industries: retail, technology, healthcare, and financial services.

To build a comprehensive, holistic review of growth marketing maturity, the assessment gauges if a respondent understands the meaning of growth marketing and evaluates six key components, or “pillars” of growth marketing. These pillars include Strategic Approach, Data Management and Activation, Management Buy-In, In-House Resources, Agency Support, and Integrated Customer Experience. The assessment also examines which marketing activities a brand invests in across the entire marketing funnel. Combined together, these all help determine how well a brand has invested in full-funnel growth marketing and how effectively they’ve put its growth marketing strategy into practice.

To strengthen your growth marketing efforts, you must first pinpoint the opportunities and obstacles that currently exist. The assessment results provide an in-depth, comprehensive breakdown of your brand’s current maturity level and compares it to other brands, identifies strengths, and offers actionable insights for areas of improvement.

While there are countless reasons to take the Growth Marketing Assessment, we’ve rounded up the top three benefits:

  • Better analyze and understand your brand’s strengths and weaknesses to drive unlimited growth.

    Are you choosing the path to sustainable growth, and are you investing in the right digital marketing activities? These are the questions you should ask yourself to make purposeful strategic decisions. Taking the Growth Marketing Assessment helps brands better understand their current level of growth marketing maturity and benchmark against the competition. DEPT®’s proprietary measurement tool, the Growth Marketing Maturity Index™ (GMMI™), evaluates:

    – how successfully you’ve integrated growth marketing into your overall operating model

    – how effective you are at executing on growth initiatives

    – your ability to adapt your business model to compete against disruptive technologies

    – your biggest opportunities to improve growth

    -how your brand performs against other industries

    Rather than relying purely on where your organization thinks it stands, the Growth Marketing Assessment measures specific components of growth marketing and helps you benchmark your brand against others, so you can make better strategic decisions to become an industry disruptor.
  • Determine if you are prioritizing investments in the right digital marketing activities.

    To achieve true growth in today’s cutthroat omnichannel environment where brands are constantly battling for attention, you must embrace a balanced marketing strategy that focuses on upper-funnel efforts (to increase brand awareness) in collaboration with mid- and lower-funnel activities (to educate and convert audiences).

    Are you correctly allocating your budget to succeed in this environment? Are you spending too much on one channel or under-prioritizing another? Are you adequately addressing the three growth drivers (strategy and planning, analytics, and creative)?

    The assessment reveals how you prioritize spending, including areas where you may be over-invested and areas you may be neglecting, and how your results compare to other brands.
  • Receive strategic recommendations based on key themes and notable metrics from the assessment results.

    The Growth Marketing Assessment provides strategic recommendations on how to achieve sustainable growth and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Our customized readout allows you to:

    – get a big-picture overview of your organization’s level of growth marketing maturity.

    – get a better sense of what the playing field looks like, including where you may have an advantage and where you may be falling short.

    – create a growth marketing action plan and establish priorities and goals for measurable growth.

How advanced is your brand within the GMMI™? Schedule a call with one of our strategists to take the Growth Marketing Assessment, learn how to stand out from the competition, and uncover the gaps between where you are and where you want to go!

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Content Communications Specialist

Laura Colton