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Personalization at scale with Adobe, smart & DEPT®

Yash Mody
Yash Mody
CTO – APAC & DEPT® Adobe Practice
2 min read
15 November 2023

When the new smart #1 car launched, they wanted to sell directly to consumers–a big change for the brand. 

Their goal was to build brand awareness and entice early adopters. Throughout the campaign, we sought to capture leads by centering the customer journey around search, social, display marketing, and email nurturing. 

The result? Increased awareness across a variety of media, increased brand consideration, and increased purchase intent. 11% pre-ordered a #1, three times the industry benchmark. 

Listen to the talk below from Adobe, about how smart and DEPT® worked together to drive these marketing wins and set the new standard for personalization at scale. Featuring Praveen Kumar Sadhineni, Lead – CX CoE at Smart Europe and Yash Mody, CTO Global Adobe Alliance at DEPT®

The smart campaign from DEPT®

In 2022, smart went fully electric, rebranding as a leader in the EV market. To kick off this new era, they needed to create excitement around the unveiling, generate leads, and then ultimately convert those leads into pre-orders.

At the same time, they invested heavily in e-commerce. While select dealers would remain, they wanted to sell most of the cars online. This shift in architecture added extra complexities across their tech stack. 

With two monumental changes happening simultaneously, smart needed a sophisticated digital marketing strategy and robust technology to support it. Learn more about what strategies we used to help smart transform into D2C. 

As an Adobe platinum partner, we can help you personalize at scale. 

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