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Increase efficiency by scaling your business (internationally)

increase efficiency by scaling your business
Nils Zündorf
Nils Zündorf
Managing Director FACTOR-A/DEPT®
4 min read
20 May 2022

Whenever you are spending money on Amazon – and especially in times when competition and uncertainty are on the rise – you want to do it as efficiently as possible. Sometimes the right steps sound a little counterintuitive at first glance but prove to have great potential in the long run.

It may be cheaper to use Amazon’s easy ways to grow your business by expanding into other countries. Compared to your home market, you can find less competition and lower market saturation in other markets, so every international investment might have a higher incremental ROAS (iROAS) than gaining the last percentages in an already saturated market.

The Challenge

Amazon’s Black Box is making strategic decisions difficult

Every manufacturer on Amazon knows that Amazon is quite reluctant to offer insights into the specifics of its market, so market size and market shares as well as competitor strategies are hard to grasp completely. We know that Amazon Vendors and Sellers are facing difficulties in making sound decisions on strategic questions, so we are shining a light on the black box to help our clients gain a competitive advantage.

The Solution

Our 360° Analysis

We learned a long time ago that making the right strategic decisions on Amazon is crucial for the long-term success of a brand, therefore, we focus our efforts on enabling our clients to make the right decisions and also offer strategic consulting.

360 analysis

The 360° Analysis consists of three parts that are interconnected and tailored to the specific needs of each client.

The results will enable you to understand your market position, that of your competitor and the potential for your own products within each market. You will also gain an understanding of consumer behaviour and preferences to inform your decision of whether or not to enter the market.

  • Understand the market & competition: Get unique insights into the market size and market share (& development) + deep insights into organic and paid Share of Voice
  • Learn how to improve: We take our analysis and generate the most important insights and actions for you – so you know how to win!
  • Build your financial model: We can build a forecast model, including your revenue potential & required investment, which is ready to be presented to your management!

What could the results look like?

Example: Retail Overview

You can understand your market position in terms of market shares and price points on a per-category/niche basis. Learn the market size and how it developed over the last year.

retail overview

Example: Search Visibility

Transparency of your search visibility for both organic and paid rankings is split by ad type and keyword type to fully understand your visibility market shares.

search visibility

Example: Key Competitor Performance

Analysis of your performance and that of your main competitors, considering all major performance indicators on Amazon. This can be per category, per country or overall, depending on your needs.

competitor performance

Example: Financial Forecast 2022

The financial forecast and recommendations are tailored to your needs. We can build forecasts for specific markets or even at the ASIN level to determine the right products for your plan.

financial forecast

Our Offers

360° Go-to-Market Strategy: An in-depth evaluation of your entire portfolio.

  • Market Potential Analysis: Potential Analysis for the Market with market size & market shares
  • Share of Shelf Analysis: Analysis of organic visibility and SEO performance
  • Share of Voice Analysis: Measurement of Visibility Performance Paid Advertising Traffic
  • Competitor Analysis: Overall SWOT-Analysis of the competitors, including all available data

Account Performance & Potential Audit: A strategic audit of your account performance and potential for entering into a new marketplace.

  • Retail Analysis
  • Advertising Efficiency Audit
  • Content Impact Measurement

Market Share Only: We analyze your market share based on the size, growth and structure (competition and characteristics) of the market.

  • Market Share Analysis of size, growth and structure
  • Market Structure Analysis of competition & characteristics

Pilot Project: The simplest way to operationally determine if the market is beneficial for you or not.

  • In a pilot case, we create content and implement Search Advertising to part of your portfolio (3-5 ASINs) and monitor performance for 3 months


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Managing Director FACTOR-A/DEPT®

Nils Zündorf

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