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A+ Content: use playroom on Amazon in a target-oriented way

Katharina Lurz
Katharina Lurz
Head of Editorial
4 min read
1 April 2021

Many brand manufacturers ask themselves why they need A+ Content in addition to their optimised standard product detail page. The answer is obvious: it offers space for visually appealing, interesting and explanatory content on brands, companies or product applications. According to Amazon, A+ Content, which is available only for first-party vendors, increases conversions by 3-10%. Also, experience shows that product detail pages with illustrated features are both better accepted by end customers and more prominent in search results.

What is A+ Content?

A+ Content is an extension of the standard product description on the product detail page. The area consists of images and text. There are different, freely selectable templates to choose from, which can be flexibly combined in the Vendor Central according to the modular principle. Sellers with a registered trademark also have the option of expanding their content. This option is called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

Five reasons why brand manufacturers benefit from A+ Content

A+ Content not only supports a high-quality brand presence on Amazon but can also have a positive impact on sales. And the best part? It’s free!

Benefit from using A+ Content:

  • Target-oriented product description
  • Promotional content
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Google indexation
  • Cross & Up Selling

Targeted product description

The “regular content” of a product detail page is mainly used for product-oriented information. In contrast, A+ Content targets previously defined corporate goals and focuses on a target group-specific approach. A targeted product description with illustrated features is an important criterion for an intuitive purchase.

Sales-activating content

A+ Content offers scope for explanatory, appealing and interesting texts and illustrations. The number of characters for explanatory texts increases drastically, depending on the template, you can use up to 1000 characters. In comparison, title and bullet points are limited to 200 bytes. This provides plenty of space for creative and interesting details about the product, the brand or the company itself. However, if there is too much text, the product detail page will quickly appear overloaded. So before you create it, consider exactly which information is relevant for the Amazon user and work out a suitable concept.

Conversion rate

If the A+ Content is optimally targeted, your conversion rate should increase. This can have a positive effect on visibility in both Amazon and Google searches. Brand manufacturers can achieve better rankings and more sales.

Google indexation

It has been observed that A+ Content is not yet indexed by the Amazon A9 algorithm but is indexed by Google. A+ Content can, therefore, include additional keywords that could not be placed in other places, such as titles, bullet points, product descriptions or in the backend. Product groups with stricter rules benefit in particular from this. For example, bullet points cannot be uploaded for items such as washing machines or media.

A+ Content offers vendors the advantage that Amazon product detail pages usually appear in the top places in Google search results for transactional search queries. Ideally, this means additional traffic and visitors who might not have landed on the product page without A+ Content. Keep in mind, not all content leads to a purchase. If, for example, an external user Google searches for “Gin recipes”, it is questionable whether an A+ template with Gin recipes encourages him to buy a product. After all, the search query tends not to indicate a specific purchase intention.

Cross & up selling

One of the selectable A+ templates contains a cross and up-selling table. This chart offers vendors the possibility to present their own product portfolio on the product detail page. Outside the A+ Content, the retail giant places products independently. These placements can occur in the form of purchase recommendations or ads on detail pages.

Brand manufacturers can present up to six complementary or higher-priced substitutive products. These are offered in a targeted and effective manner – with the aim of increasing the value of the consumers shopping basket.

Supplement your product description

A+ Content serves as an extension to standard content. It aims at improving the strategic orientation of a brand. Supplementary functions of the A+ Content are:

So, A+ Content, which is only available for first-party vendors on Amazon, conveys the value of the various products through the use of multimedia in the hopes of increasing a brands conversion rate.

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Head of Editorial

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