Webby Talks x DEPT®: The Race to Outpace

Livestream / Amsterdam

Wednesday November 15, 2023

19:00 – 20:00

Join this year’s Webby Talks x DEPT®! Emma Whitfield, Production & Experience Director of The Webby Awards, and Max Pinas, Executive Creative Director at DEPT®, will dive into how the explosion of AI is transforming the way we work and live and how you can take advantage of this moment. Sign up!

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What to expect

Each year, The Webby Awards‘ executive team hosts Webby Talks, their annual thought leadership event to explore the biggest digital trends impacting our world and work. This year, DEPT® and Dutch Digital Design are hosting the event, via livestream and at the DEPT® office in Amsterdam.

Emma Whitfield, Production & Experience Director of The Webby Awards, will talk about The Race to Outpace, a curated dive into the breakneck speed of AI innovations, with insights on how to keep pace with this new era of the Internet. Max Pinas, Executive Creative Director at DEPT®, will be doing a talk around AI and the Future of Creativity, unlocking new dimensions in art and design.

We will look at how AI is changing the game in content creation, spatial design, and commerce. You’ll get to see cool examples of how automated creativity, flexible design, and super-tailored shopping experiences are making a difference. You won’t want to miss how AI can take your campaigns & platforms to the next level and really connect with your audience.

This year’s Webby Talks is presented by Canva, and YouGov.

Sign up now and join the livestream on Wednesday, November 15, between 19:00 – 20:00 CET. If you are in Amsterdam and want to come to the in-person event at our office, sign up here!

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Webby Talks x DEPT® Community Event


Wednesday November 15th, 2023

19:00 – 20:00

Meet the speakers

Emma Whitfield

Production & Experience Director of The Webby Awards

Emma works on creating a seamless experience for our Webby community and entrants. She is responsible for producing on all events that contribute to the Webby community experience, including: 5-Word Speech Day, Sunset Cocktails and The Webby Awards After Party. She also manages The Webby Awards internship program and leads other key entrant marketing programs. Before joining the team in 2015, Emma interned for The Emmy Awards, Entertainment Tonight and The Lovie Awards.

Max Pinas

Executive Creative Director at DEPT®

Max is a visionary adept at navigating the intersections of AI, spatial computing, IoT, and the metaverse and the evolving preferences of Gen Z and other newer generations. With a diverse career spanning from organizing unforgettable dance events to innovating in e-commerce, he seamlessly merges creativity with technological know-how. Passionate about leveraging the transformative power of cutting-edge tech and design to address real-world challenges, Max doesn’t just predict the future – he crafts it, making it engaging and relatable. Whether you’re a brand or an individual, stepping into tomorrow with Max promises an enlightening and entertaining journey.

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