DEPT® x Social Media Week 2024

Social Media Week 2024

New York

April 9-11

The past decade has reversed the nature of social media. Where your feeds used to consist of posts, comments, and public back-and-forth between people you knew, they’re now packed with ads, influencers, and professionally made creator content.

Join us to explore the new era of social media

The trend towards the “media” in “social media” hasn’t eliminated the “social.” Instead, it’s created a new environment in which audiences have invited brands and creators to take center stage.

The rise of creators and beyond will be the central theme of Social Media Week 2024, and DEPT® is proud to once again sponsor this great event. 

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Social Media Week 2024

New York, NY

April 9-11

Check out our panel session

“Why social listening informs brand relevance”

  • Tuesday, April 9th
  • 2:25 pm – 2:50 pm ET
  • Featuring Lindsay Kennedy, VP of Client Services at DEPT® & Kat Chan, Head of Global Social Media and Influencer Strategy at Duolingo

In this session, industry leaders will explore the full potential of social listening and how it opens doors to tailor messaging, products, and strategies to align with the evolving needs of your target audience.

Meet our team

Claire Shalbrack

Managing Director & Partner

Lindsay Kennedy

VP, Client Services

Calli Goldstein

Group Account Director

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