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We reinvent digital. Change minds through creativity. Generate ideas using smart data strategies. Push the boundaries of what is possible in technology. Together we bring ideas to life. Full service. End to end.

Strategy & Organization

Sometimes you have to reinvent your company in order to stay at the top of your game. We seek innovations for the long and short term, always with speed and relevance as the main focus. And in order to achieve the set goals of your project, we have a broad set of multitaskers working at Dept that will make sure your digital projects will never get behind.

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Design & Technology

Our digital team designs and creates experiences that put the user first. They build the tools and put the platforms in place that accelerate digital growth. And once your digital reality is live, they support and enable your teams to continuously measure and evolve. Because the digital reality is here for the long-run.

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team helps brands and companies achieve their goals and accelerate their business. We apply data, research, technology and creative insights to guide your media planning and decision making. We do not think about digital or non-digital any longer. We do what needs to be done to make your campaigns more efficient and effective.

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Brand & Advertising

Our brand and advertising team creates, services, develops and transforms brands. Brands that reach real actual humans. Brands that people love. They help you to deliver smart strategies, great execution and impactful content that captures hearts and minds. If it’s creative content, a video production or an influencer strategy, they know advertising for the digital age.

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360 Commerce

Our team of e-commerce strategists places the customer centre-stage, and brings digital technology to every touchpoint. They help you go to market faster and smarter and integrate with platforms like Amazon and eBay. To get more from your wholesalers, distributors and retailers, and to use customer data to grow faster and more efficiently.

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Data & Intelligence

Our team of data scientists collect and assess valuable customer data. From previous customer searches, purchases, to online and offline shopping behaviors. They help to automate the processes of shifting, analyzing, interpreting, and identifying the best way to use your data. And take machine learning and AI beyond the hype.

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Marketplaces: Amazon

At Dept, we’re well aware of how Amazon has altered the way we shop. It’s the infrastructure of trade and the first point of contact to the product data for the consumer. Proper positioning as a brand and holistic operational management on Amazon are essential. That’s why we onboarded more than 100 Amazon savvy professionals who exactly know how you should conquer your market via Amazon.

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