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The 2023 Opticon Stockholm pre-read

As a Platinum Optimizely partner, we’d love to help you accelerate your digital business!

Whether you need to migrate and consolidate your digital touch points into one centralized platform, need help developing global multi-site solutions, want to move to a headless architecture, or to create next-level customer experiences with advanced personalization – we’ve got you.

To get you started, check out some of the biggest updates and trends surrounding content, personalization, CRO, CMS’s, and e-commerce platforms.

Here’s a preview of the content inside:

In Marketing 
– Unraveling the CRO mystery: Why marketers are scaling back 
– The demise of Google Optimize could be the best thing to happen to your CRO program
– Report: Consumer views on personalization in e-commerce

In Tech 
– Unlocking the potential of composable architecture with content modeling 
– The ultimate guide to CMS selection
– How to choose the right e-commerce platform for your business

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