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The road to AI for customer service


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Transcending the term buzzword, AI has proven it’s here to stay. It is manifesting itself in many different ways; from futuristic ‘robots are taking over our jobs’ visions up until basic voice search solutions. It’s easy to feel lost in the search of how AI can be of any help for your business right now. The technology has been around for decades, but practical solutions for marketing are fairly new. So, is it necessary to invest in heavy machinery to be able to use AI? Luckily, the answer is ‘no’. Because by bringing it back to machine learning there are plenty of possibilities available right now.

Although it is tempting to start dreaming about how AR glasses will unlock the full potential of perception AI, or if drivers licenses are part of the past any time soon, for now, so-called business AI is the most relevant one to use. In this, machine learning – a technique to make predictions, based on historical data – opens up a lot of opportunities. However, before you start using this technology ask yourself what sort of predictions are valuable for your business. Dig deep to specify what sort of data is necessary, what you already have and what third-party or open sources you could use. Having that set-out makes the right usage easier. Or approach it the other way around: what data do you have available, and what kind of predictions can you make out of it?

The future of AI is bright and you should start thinking about incorporating elements of it into your brand now. Luckily, there are many ways to do this; from chatbots technology to predictive models. This longread will explore the various alternatives available to your brand and how to implement and embed this technology. It will show you how simple it is to use this technology if you put your back into it and use the enormous amount of opportunities and services available to incorporate AI into your marketing.

Below, you can also find a video of the plenary session but download our longread to dive into the breakout sessions as well.