Pizza Hut

Inviting the world to stop and melt with Pizza Hut

With 19,000 restaurants in 130 countries worldwide, Pizza Hut is among the most-known pizza brands in the world. Moreover, after more than 60 years in the biz, Pizza Hut is known for keeping its customers coming back with new, mouth-watering menu items and flavor combos. 

To kick off the launch of its latest product, “Melts,” Pizza Hut approached DEPT® for help creating a comprehensive social media awareness campaign with 40 high-reach creators on TikTok and Instagram.

The right creators for the job

With a timeline of just two months to create and launch the campaign, we dove straightaway into Step 1 of the project: Finding 40 top-notch influencers that Pizza Hut could partner with. 

Given our tight schedule, we had to move fast with our research. At the same time, finding the right creators for the job required careful attention to detail. Not only did we need to find the creators whose particular flavor of content paired well with the Pizza Hut brand, we had to ensure that their personalities, approach, and audiences were suitable as well.

Mouth-watering goals

Pizza Hut Germany’s Melts campaign had two main goals. 

First and foremost, we had to increase the brand’s reach and generate awareness for the new dish. And, with a name like Melts, it was always clear that the best way of accomplishing this would be to showcase the ooey-gooey, cheesy deliciousness of the product through influencer content.

Secondly, we also wanted to generate a ton of engagement among the target audience through the influencer campaign. This was especially important to Pizza Hut Germany, who wanted us to  ensure that the campaign was simultaneously highly visible but also encouraging folks to jump in and participate in the campaign.

Sticking to the cheese, staying away from the cheesy 

In collaboration with our chosen pool of 40 creators, we helped generate a total of 51 individual pieces of content on Instagram and TikTok for the campaign.

To ensure that the final output met Pizza Hut’s goals for the campaign, we provided each influencer with a brief that gave them plenty of creative freedom—a crucial factor to producing content that was high-quality and, most importantly, authentic. 

After all, for any social media campaign to work, the content can’t be too cheesy… even for a product literally oozing with the real thing.

The choice to prioritize creative freedom also ensured that we hit it off with each influencer from the beginning of our work together, and our communication with one another was consistently positive and uncomplicated.

Another key component of our briefing strategy was deceptively simple but highly effective: Humor. We realized the best way of generating engagement was generating LOLs, which was especially effective for Pizza Hut’s Gen Z and young Millennial (“Zillennial”) audience.

Ultimately, the numbers we generated through the campaign speak for themselves.

A few of our tastiest results:

  • 40 creators who contributed to the campaign and promotion of the new ‘Melts’.
  • Reach of over 14 million followers.
  • Generating over 150,000 engagements.


Account Manager

Cosima de Baey

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