FREITAG matched Tinder: Swipe to SWAP

DEPT® has worked with the Swiss cult label FREITAG since 2020. Most recently we partnered with the FREITAG team to implement a creative campaign with added value for their SWAP bag exchange platform – and played it out on the dating app Tinder.

Sustainable pocket exchange Tinder

FREITAG is a brand that is oriented towards the circular economy. The company, named after the founding brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag, has produced bags and other accessories since the 1990s – from used materials such as car seat belts, bicycle tubes and truck tarpaulins.

True to the idea of ​​sustainability, FREITAG offers in its “anti-online store” the opportunity to exchange your own FREITAG bag with those of other owners. It’s called SWAP: Shopping Without Any Payment – the bag exchange Tinder for everyone who wants to exchange their long-lasting, unique item. So nothing was more obvious than the idea of ​​using the well-known dating app as a platform to draw attention to the service.

A creative campaign with added value

FREITAG wants to use its products to reach people who share their way of thinking and support them. With this in mind, the DEPT® and FREITAG teams worked together to develop a campaign to encourage Tinder users to exchange their old FREITAG bag for another used bag free of charge, true to the motto “exchange instead of buying”.

At the heart of this were six creatives with slogans that fit the platform, such as “Lovers are interchangeable. Bags too.” These six creatives were displayed as Native Display Cards to Tinder users in Germany and Switzerland in Native Flow. If a user swiped to the right (“Like”), a match was made and he or she landed on the SWAP landing page. They could then browse for a new favorite bag.


Total Impressions


Total Engagements

Successful swiping

The campaign was well-received by Tinder users. There was a lot of matching, especially in FREITAG’s hometown of Switzerland. In just a few weeks, the SWAP campaign generated more than two million impressions and more than 67,000 engagements, exceeding benchmarks.


Senior Project Manager Social Advertising

Victor Gigea

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