Craftsmanship and elegance in harmony

The SECRID name is synonymous with innovative wallet design. So when the brand planned its ambitious Premium Collection, featuring superior materials and discerning design, it needed a campaign that would mirror the products’ elegance and ingenuity. DEPT® partnered with SECRID to create a campaign video that showcased the distinct wallet varieties and reflected their high quality details.

Connection through choreography

Thanks to their patented lever mechanism, SECRID wallets elegantly display the cards within. The smooth reveal is reminiscent of the bird-of-paradise courtship dance, which we used as inspiration for the campaign video. With movement and connections at the center of our story, the video script tells the tale of two wallets. At first, they move individually, fluidly dancing until they meet each other—reflecting the dances of connection found in nature. 

A seamless sensory experience

SECRID wallets are more than a vessel for storing cards. They are a culmination of fine materials and deliberate craftsmanship, resulting in a highly functional accessory that is both simple and elegant. Through the Premium Collection campaign, DEPT® and SECRID wanted to deliver a sensory experience that was as smooth and sophisticated as the products themselves. This made our video an exciting opportunity to digitally capture the tactile qualities of a SECRID wallet while exploring new creative avenues for the brand. 

The beauty is in the details

We explored a variety of audio and visual options to bring the bird-inspired dance vision to life, ultimately working with highly detailed 3D computer-aided design models. After refining the lighting, cameras, and animation to complement the narrative, we selected six scenes that best fit our jazz-infused soundtrack while communicating a visual story. 

While we wanted the video itself to be perfect, an interesting challenge throughout the creation process was capturing the fine details and “imperfections” of the wallets—from the stitching to the natural textures. 

The narrative surrounding SECRID’s Premium Collection campaign was created to echo the brand’s ethos while resonating with its audience—marrying premium aesthetics with approachability. The campaign video, in addition to several meticulously crafted digital assets for social media and SECRID’s website, is a testament to DEPT®’s ability to showcase the best of a product while telling a compelling story. It elevated the experience of the premium customer, reinforcing the luxurious and thoughtful nature of SECRID’s offerings.


Visual Designer

Tiago Nascimento

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