Shoe Carnival

Bringing traditional store experiences to e-commerce

Shoe carnival

Shoe Carnival is an American-based retailer of family athletic footwear, spanning 377 stores across America.

DEPT® worked to accelerate Shoe Carnival’s omnichannel journey by bringing traditional store experiences online, personalizing marketing across all channels, automating connected customer service, and continuing to grow its buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) offering.

Manhattan order management system

Manhattan Active Omni is one of the most technologically and operationally advanced commerce order management system (OMS) platform available.

It’s a cloud-native, unified commerce platform built entirely from microservices. Integrated with machine learning and IoT features, it is a “system of truth” for orders across channels, brands and geographies.

The implementation streamlined Shoe Carnival’s internal efficiency by acting as a central hub for processing orders from multiple sales channels. It can consolidate all Shoe Carnival’s incoming orders into a single interface, eliminating the need for manual intervention across different systems. This centralization order management system reduces the chances of errors or delays.

Shoe carnival store locator

Ship-to-store and BOPIS functionality

When COVID closed stores, we helped get an alternative route to continue sales by enabling Ship-to-Store and BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store). The process of solutioning allowed Shoe Carnival to enable functionality in two weeks. After the initial launch, we continued to develop more sophisticated functionality.

The ability to collaborate and deliver a rapid solution saved many jobs during a very pivotal time.

In fact, by 2021, Shoe Carnival delivered more profit to shareholders than in the prior six years combined.

Shoe carnival e-comm store on mobile

PWA React connection

The Progressive Web App (PWA) Kit is a new storefront technology for headless commerce using Salesforce Commerce APIs and React. It provides front-end developers with a more flexible and agile approach to building and maintaining modern shopping experiences.

For Shoe Carnival, this solution offered a seamless and responsive user experience, resembling a native mobile app.

By utilizing React, our developers were able to create highly-interactive and intuitive user interfaces, resulting in improved engagement and satisfaction among customers, all of which can lead to better user retention, conversion rates, and business outcomes.

show carnival e-comm web ui

The result?
A 174% increase in digital revenue in 2020


VP of Commerce, Americas

Ryan Nicholson

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