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Growing SEO visibility and website traffic

DEPT® was approached by a leading global cloud software company that needed help keeping up in the highly competitive and crowded B2B SaaS space. This brand was severely hampered by a steady decline in their SEO visibility and was missing opportunities to connect with customers due to the lack of relevant and highly-searched keywords in their website content. Low traffic to its core product and service offerings was very detrimental to this brand’s growth opportunity, and it was showing up in the bottom line.

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A two-pronged approach to long-term growth

To grow visibility around its products and expand its market share, this brand needed to significantly increase its presence on search engines.

DEPT® established a two-pronged approach to uncover opportunities that would improve SEO visibility and traffic for the company’s solutions:

  • A competitive gap analysis to pinpoint high-impact ways for the client to carve out a leading SERP (search engine results pages) ranking
  • An analysis of the brand’s on-page web content to discover opportunities to drive higher rates of organic traffic and on-site conversions

These analyses uncovered three primary causes for the brand trailing far behind competitors in critical SERPs:

  • Lack of search coverage for high-volume product offerings
  • Misaligned intent for core product offerings. Due to the nature of the cloud & SaaS industry, long-form comprehensive content is a requirement to rank well

After delving deep into data gathered from these analyses, DEPT® calculated that 92% of the brand’s traffic was attributable to brand queries, compared to just 8% from non-brand queries.

Exploiting new opportunities

Based on these findings, DEPT® recommended a four-point strategy to improve SEO and traffic results:

Recommendation #1
Create 25 pages of comprehensive editorial content that targeted specific subject matter for higher-ranking landing pages and important keywords.

Recommendation #2
Position robust editorial content on product/solution pages alongside tactful placement of calls to action to lead website visitors to the corresponding product offerings.

Recommendation #3
Expand visibility beyond branding by pursuing relevant non-brand terms (e.g. hybrid cloud, multi cloud platform, end user computing, etc.). Those terms would then need to be featured in product, solution, and blog pages with more descriptive metadata optimizations (e.g. title tags, H1s, and meta descriptions).

Recommendation #4
Implement informational content to drive discovery and research-based traffic.

Immediate results with lasting success

These recommendations proved to be highly effective and yielded meaningful results within the fiscal quarter:

  • 50% growth in form submissions for Q4 compared to the previous year
  • 160% growth in non-brand clicks
  • 140% growth in non-brand impressions
  • 10% growth in organic traffic
  • 39,200 net new organic clicks
  • Top 10 rankings for 42 high-value keywords (which included nearly every keyword isolated by 3Q/DEPT’s discovery questionnaire)
  • Top 5 rankings for 25 high-value keywords

After working with DEPT®, this brand was able to own valuable search engine space in the B2B SaaS market and developed the content discipline and infrastructure to cultivate long-term, continuous success.


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Lou Amodeo

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