Building trust with CRM

Opendoor is a fully digital alternative to traditional real estate that takes the guesswork out of moving. Homeowners can get an instant offer on their home, sell quickly, and make a compelling offer on their next home—all in one place.

Telling a new real estate story

Customers loved the appeal of an instant offer, but engagement dropped significantly after they received it. Research showed that buyers and sellers were unfamiliar with Opendoor’s simplified, digital approach to real estate and wondered if it was too good to be true. In order to reassure skeptical customers and gain their trust, Opendoor’s CRM needed to convey the personal touch of traditional brokers and encourage potential buyers and sellers down the funnel. 

Opendoor had clear metrics-driven goals for buyer and seller conversion that allowed them to keep pace with their growth in new markets. Through CRM, we needed to encourage lapsed sellers to re-engage and drive awareness of Opendoor’s buy-side product in order to match the trajectory of the business. Ambitious and ever-evolving, Opendoor needed CRM foundations that were flexible, impactful, and would empower them to scale.

Relatable, personalized content

With trust as our focus, we refreshed the content for welcome, re-engagement, and triggered emails. We wanted to dial up the humanity behind Opendoor’s digital solution. Our new copy thoughtfully responded to customer needs in plain language, and our design updates (softer shapes, warmer photography, playful animations) visually conveyed Opendoor’s friendly, approachable brand. 

By unlocking segmentation and personalization capabilities with Opendoor’s email automation tool, we tailored content to individual customer intent and behaviour. Instantly, the content became more compelling—customers could receive messages customized to what they were thinking, feeling, and doing along their journey.

The results

The new CRM experience doesn’t just ask the customer to click—it inspires, excites, and motivates them to engage. Our reimagined content approach saw a massive increase (156%) in buyer engagement and a 16% spike in seller re-engagement. Internally, the collaborative approach and efficient processes we introduced have helped Opendoor’s internal marketing teams work smarter, faster, and with the customers’ needs in mind.


Managing Director, Personalised Communications

Adam Jewson

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