Bringing kids’ imagination to life with the help of AI

Over the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made remarkable progress. Even more recently, AI tools like Dall-e and ChatGPT have become readily available to the general public, bringing AI to the forefront of public consciousness. The impact of AI is felt across several industries, including education, with the potential to revolutionize the way we learn.

Find out how DEPT® created The Magical Storybook, an AI prototype that makes it easy and safe for families to create stories.

Using prompt-based learning

Despite the rapid advancement of AI technology, the quality of the prompts given to machines remains crucial for its success. That’s because the training of AI models depends on the concept of “prompt thinking” and “prompt learning.” 

Effective prompts that are clear, brief, and innovative are critical in producing optimal outcomes.

Using prompt-based learning to enhance kids’ experiences sparked the idea of building a safe space for families and kids to engage with AI. It paved the way for meaningful connections between kids and their parents.

Building a safe space for kids to engage with AI

The Magical Story Book is a game that encourages kids to unleash their imagination, creativity, and humor by creating their own stories. To begin playing, kids are prompted to describe a character or scene on each page, brought to life through images generated by Dall-E2.

As they continue to create their story, The Magical Story Book generates kid-friendly text corresponding to the images, resulting in a simple narrative accompanied by pictures. Parents or kids can modify their story by editing the text or going back to adjust the images generated by Dall-E2. Additionally, the game includes AI-powered sound effects and music tailored to the story’s tone and content, which are generated automatically once the story is complete.

This was the best fun in a gazillion years!

Penny, 7, beta tester of the Magical Story Book

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