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More than 70% of the world’s population use Arm technology. 99% of the world’s smartphones are based on its technology, and as of 2022, 100% of digitally-shared global data is securely processed on Arm. 

It’s arguably the most pervasive company on the planet and therefore faced a real challenge in ensuring the Arm brand experience was reaching everyone (globally) that it needed to, and effectively. It turned to DEPT® to do just that.

Strategic collaboration

DEPT® has been working with Arm since late 2017. As Arm’s global creative agency, we act as an extension of its internal brand and creative team to support various business departments with ongoing services and meet all their creative, design and digital needs; as well as helping to drive, evolve, police and execute its brand strategy and identity. 

Collaboration is key, so we work in partnership to deliver the necessary strategic and creative thought, input and delivery across a wide variety of requirements, from website design to branding and creative event activations. 

Our bespoke-built, multi-disciplined Arm team consists of strategists, creative directors, visual, UX and UI designers, motion designers, copywriters and client partners.

Expert execution

Wherever the world comes in contact with the Arm brand, DEPT® has likely played a part in forming that experience.

We have delivered across numerous disciplines, including the creation of the Arm visual identity itself as well as multiple product and business unit identities, website design and build, video, social, online display, event visual identity and asset creation, print advertising, whitepapers, presentations, keynote talks, and more.

The future is built on Arm

Continuing its long standing relationship, DEPT® partnered with Arm’s internal brand and creative team on its latest brand refresh to unite each of Arm’s industry lines of business within a single design system. 

The visual language was technically-minded, sophisticated and speaks openly to a wide audience about the positive impact of Arm technology on the world. 

The new global brand identity and communication strategy unifies how Arm communicates across a broad range of capabilities enabled by the company and its ecosystem of partners.

DEPT® are integral to Arm’s expanding and evolving brand journey, leading the way with efficiency and creativity.

Jonathan Armstrong, Head of Brand & Creative Services, Arm

Continually evolving

Thanks to a fantastic relationship with Arm’s core brand and creative team, we’re able to work closely with all of Arm’s lines of businesses, and have built strong client relationships with +100 individual marketers. 

This allows us to work fluidly, delivering enormous amounts of brand experience work across the globe, whilst also keeping a strong consistent direction and message from the core Arm brand.

Our work for Arm stands as a testament to DEPT®’s belief that great creativity and results don’t come from specialising in one format or one channel. But by balancing real, in-depth knowledge of the specific channel and format required, with a wide experience of brands and channels outside of that field, we can ensure all work is feasible, but also constantly progressing and improving.

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