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Eriks construction

ERIKS is an international industrial service provider that supplies components for machines and other technical and logistics services. With more than 350 branches, 7,500 employees and activities in 21 countries, ERIKS ensures that products, processes and results improve with their services. This internationally-oriented character emerged the need for an internationally centralised content management system. DEPT® worked with ERIKS in both the implementation and optimisation of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Analytics.

Optimisation of the user journey

Last year, AEM and Analytics were installed to set up an international centralised content management system, which can be used by the various branches across 21 countries. The goal of the new platform is to improve the user journey for prospects as well as new and old customers. One of the most important requirements stemming from ERIKS was the creation of a component library, which realises the reuse of components for the various branches. With local variations in the service and product portfolio, it is important that the CMS system offers flexible organisation and provides all the required functionalities. In addition, the content should be easy to manage.

Lead generation because of CTA’s and Live chat

We realised this by becoming ERIKS’ implementation partner and consequently setting the foundations for a worldwide platform. This includes the integration of IBM Websphere Commerce with AEM. The marketing functionalities in AEM improve the shop experience for existing customers; for new customers and prospects, the focus lays primarily in highlighting services and products and the provision of information around them. We have implemented call-to-actions, a Live Chat functionality, contact forms and an intuitive location finder to improve lead generation via the digital channels.


Currently, the platforms are being rolled out across the different countries and language areas. Because of the knowledge that ERIKS employees obtained after a training from DEPT®, they are more able to control over regional content and automated translations. And because of improved CTAs and an increased customer experience, a higher conversion rate via ERIKS’ digital channels is expected.

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