Architecture Assignment

First impressions are important, second impressions are everything. So it’s time for some action. Let’s stop talking and get some serious architecture done. After all, that’s how we improve life!

With the following assignment, you can show us what you got. The case tests your competences regarding architecture and gives us an idea of how well you come up with solutions.


A publisher wants to unify its authoring Content Management System (CMS) and customer store experience, trying to get books published to customers as quickly as possible.


  • Dozens of publisher employees, hundreds of authors, thousands/millions of customers.


  • Authors publish chapters
  • Reviewers see the chapters, make review comments, and notify authors on review
  • Authors can reject proposed review changes
  • Supports both copy and technical editing
  • Customers can buy books (either e- form or dead trees form) online, including those available in ‘beta’
  • Publisher can push authors’ chapters to those customers who bought the ‘beta’

Additional context:

  • The business is driven to this decision because competitors have a similar offering.
  • Competition for authors is tight.
  • This is part of a long-term strategy to modernize the publishing aspects of the business.
  • Information needed to publish a book (distribution, royalties, marketing) comes from several disparate systems, ranging from emailed Excel spreadsheets to mainframe integration with the printing facility.


  • Create your own solution architecture for the above scenario. Make assumptions where necessary and make them part of your analysis. Add diagrams at system and component level, design the (cloud) infrastructure, explain how security is guaranteed. Surprise us with other interesting topics like tech-stack of choice, quality aspects, etc.
  • Use the architecture principles you are used to work with.
  • Make the solution presentable for your next interview. Presentation should take approx. 15-20 minutes to complete. Expect a technical audience.

Bonus points:

  • Include a possible cost impact analysis.
  • Include the implementation plan. What would be a good MVP to start with?

Kick some ass!