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The last few years have seen a major acceleration in online shopping and thus, retail media has started to gain major momentum. Brands, manufacturers and even service providers are turning to retail media as an opportunity to hang their ads in the virtual “shop window” of common online retailers and benefit from the soaring levels of traffic frequenting these sites.

The majority of product searches have relocated from search engines to the retail sites themselves and retail media allows advertisers to reach shoppers even closer to their purchase. 

A holistic retail media marketplace strategy will help you stand out, gaining awareness, driving conversions and establishing loyalty. We understand the entire customer journey and build insight-based, tailor-made strategies that cover every touch point across digital channels. 

We work with brands and manufacturers to determine what needs to be done in order to not only achieve, but go above and beyond their business goals. The key? A mix of marketing channels across the entire sales funnel and knowing which solutions to use when.

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Amazon Ads – an unprecedented leader

Amazon has solidified its position as one of the top advertising platforms in the world. Their role in any retail media budget should be fully understood and utilized.

EXPLORE amazon ads

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