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Our approach

The technical backbone that enables end-to-end optimization

Our team of software engineers, analysts, data scientists, and consultants enables organizations to extract value across the full lifecycle of big data, from foundational data warehousing and business intelligence to advanced machine learning and AI.

With over 20 years of experience, we solve technical data challenges, business processes, and organizational challenges–even when they’re intertwined.

We implement and deliver exactly what we recommend, ensuring maximum value creation for your organization. 

An enterprise data strategy will help you:

  • Reduce the cost of your data infrastructure
  • Regain confidence and trust in your data across the entire enterprise
  • Empower your business to be able to self-serve
  • Meet ever-expanding consumer privacy requirements
  • Reduce the time to market for new reporting, insights, and analytics
  • Allow your analysts and data scientists to be analysts and data scientists, not data wranglers
  • Apply financial controls without reducing the velocity of data-driven processes elsewhere 
  • Scale to meet the growing data needs of the entire organization without throwing more and more people at the problem
  • Apply governance to your data

A holistic data strategy includes  

Strategic consulting

– Digital marketing strategy
– Enterprise data management strategy
– Analytics strategy and program development
– Engineering services

Data transformation, migration and integration

– Cloud migration
– Data warehouse reboots
– Cross-brand and mergers & acquisitions integration
– Data team upskilling

Analytics & reporting

– Executive dashboards
– Product analytics
– Customer analytics
– Sales & marketing Analytics
– Web & mobile Analytics
– FP&A
– Retail & operations

Marketing automation

– Digital marketing strategy
– Custom application development and integration
– Marketing operations
– Scaled content/SEO
– AI at scale

Custom application & software engineering

– ERP applications
– CRM applications
– Workflow & operations management
– Marketing operations
– Content management and authoring platforms

Training & best practices

– Marketing operations
– DataOps & agile data management
– Data governance & PII management
– DevOps, Cloud, data and software architecture
– Data modelling & engineering
MLOps & engineering

In as little as three months, we can build you a dashboard, data warehouse, and an analytics team. We can also build you software applications to automate and collect data across your enterprise.

The three pillars of an enterprise data strategy




Data insights

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