ADA/DEPT®. Our proprietary
martech platform

Proven best-in-class technology for performance marketing, creative, data and media optimisation

To win in today’s world, brands and businesses need the best technology for media, marketplaces, search, storytelling and creatives, while respecting data and privacy. ADA/ DEPT® brings all of these together with proprietary technology and third-party integrations that serve thousands of campaigns today. The combined offering helps clients automate digital marketing at scale and mitigate the loss of data in a more privacy-driven digital world. 

ADA/DEPT® uses data from billions of ads, served in hundreds of countries, across thousands of campaigns, to create the tools needed to improve search, social, TV, programmatic, and marketplace results.

ADA/DEPT® consists of proprietary digital marketing solutions and third-party integrations. It connects with partners like the Google Marketing Platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Amazon, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and many others. The platform gives brands the power to automate, move faster, create assets at scale, and supercharge their growth. And, the platform provides real-time business intelligence to make more informed media decisions.

A leading European cosmetics chain has increased online sales by 186% by leveraging data and MarTech solutions from the DEPT® platform. Other clients that are using DEPT®’s data and MarTech solutions include Philips, JustEat Takeaway, Spotify, AXA, Douglas, KaiserKraft, Nivea, Dextro Energy and Signify.

We have built ADA to focus on three key areas


ADA/DEPT® automates repetitive tasks and creates hyper-personalised ads at scale.


ADA/DEPT® combines data sources for better audience research, targeting and decision-making across all digital touchpoints.


ADA/DEPT® is powered by AI and machine learning to make campaigns smarter and faster.

ADA/DEPT® is a Swiss army knife for you, operated by our Depsters. By making better informed, smarter decisions faster, we are able to increase the return on your marketing spend. Helping you stay ahead of the competition. So, instead of worrying about what came before, you can now concentrate on what lies ahead. 

Let’s grow your business together with ADA/DEPT®.


Growth Account Director UK

Molly Deaville