Salesforce Net Zero Cloud partner 

As a B-corp, Climate Neutral Certified organization, and Salesforce partner, we consult and deliver Net Zero Cloud solutions. 

Technology is transforming and reshaping businesses, economies, and life itself. Even so, digital technology contributes to some of the world’s biggest problems – climate change, inequality, and environmental degradation.

Because digital technology is native to DEPT®, we want to help every organization unlock its full potential. In the face of ongoing global challenges, we can help solve real-world issues in environmental, governance, DE&I, and other social impact-related matters.

To manage your carbon emissions, you must measure them

Salesforce Net Zero cloud is an easy-to-use solution within the Salesforce ecosystem. It brings together comprehensive emissions data that allows you to understand the impact of your tech stack, travel, energy consumption, and suppliers. The system comes with predefined emission factors for calculating both carbon and necessary offsets, all according to industry standards. 

This is an ideal solution for any organization committed to measuring, offsetting, and reducing its carbon footprint. With Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, you will be able to:

  • Consolidate enterprise ESG management
  • Efficiently Manage Sustainability Data
  • Automate Supplier Emissions Tracking
  • Track progress to net zero in one place and ensure
  • Receive actionable insights
  • Integrate data into one fast, scalable platform

Clients & partners

Lower your emissions with DEPT®

As a Climate Neutral Certified company, we have taken the next step in our impact journey by helping our clients accelerate their sustainability ambitions through the power of the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud platform.  

DEPT® provides data and technology-focused consulting services, implementing and supporting the Net Zero Cloud platform so you can manage all environmental, social, and governance impact data in one place.

We help you track, measure and monitor your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data. We then help you build easy-to-use dashboards so you can continuously reduce and offset your carbon footprint.

We are on a mission to dedicate 15% or more of our time to impactful and meaningful work. Helping organizations reduce their carbon footprint aligns with our ethos of doing good for the planet.  

The road to decarbonization

  • Data collection & integration: The discovery, collection, and structuring of emissions data and the loading of data through automation / API-based processes.
  • Measurement & goal settings: Map the impact data to different scopes, locations, and value streams. Measure Scope 1,2 3 footprints, set science-based targets, and create emission reduction goals. 
  • Reporting & dashboards: Enable compliant climate disclosure & ESG reporting. Visualise sustainability data in easy-to-manage dashboards to gain actionable insights on your carbon footprint across your business (and other ESG initiatives).
  • Act & reduce: Enable acting on your climate impact & ESG goals using validated data to initiate emission reduction plans. Create future what-if scenario models and effectively steer on KPIs and sustainability performance.
  • Brand communications: Integrate your sustainability and ESG impact initiatives into your brand identity, (visual) storytelling, digital products and services, recruitment communications, and internal communications.
Dimi albers

“Having been through the process ourselves as a global company of 4,000 employees, we’re aware of how challenging it can be to accurately track, report, and optimize environmental impact data.

Without a doubt, Salesforce Net Zero Cloud makes it so much easier for organizations to take practical steps in reducing their climate impact; a goal that all companies should set as a priority.

We aim for 15% of DEPT®’s revenue to come from projects that help clients make a positive impact, and being a Salesforce Net Zero Cloud partner supports us in that ambition.”

Dimi Albers, Global CEO

Pioneering on Salesforce

We are a front-running partner on new Salesforce technology

Net Zero Cloud
Sustainability and reducing carbon footprint are important topics on the agenda of many organizations in 2023 and beyond. We can help reduce your carbon emissions and get to Net Zero quicker with net Zero Cloud.

Order Management (OMS)
We were one of the first in EMEA to implement Salesforce OMS and have gained extensive experience with further development of the product ever since

Personalization & CDP
Personalisation and Customer Data platforms are the next step for brands to truly understand their customers and tailor their offerings to them.

Composable commerce
We are a launch partner for the Composable Storefront Solution of Salesforce in EMEA and US. (We already have implementation experience). 

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