Salesforce Net Zero Cloud partner 

As a Climate Neutral Certified company and Salesforce partner, DEPT® can help your organisation successfully implement Net Zero Cloud. 

Lower your emissions with DEPT®

As a Climate Neutral Certified company, we’ve successfully implemented Salesforce Net Zero Cloud within our own organisation.

This familiarity with the product allows us to assist your team quickly and efficiently, removing obstacles early in the process. 

Beyond the Net Zero Cloud solution, we are also a strategic Salesforce partner. With hundreds of certified consultants, we know the platform inside and out. Leveraging our team upfront, you can map and structure scope 1,2,3 data and set your emission reduction goals. 

More importantly, we have a passion for sustainability. As a Certified B Corp, Net Zero Cloud has been essential for our teams to better measure and reduce our own emissions. 

We are on a mission to dedicate 15% or more of our time to impactful and meaningful work. Helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint aligns with our ethos of doing good for the planet.  

To manage your carbon emissions, you must measure them

Salesforce Net Zero cloud is an easy-to-use solution within the Salesforce ecosystem. It brings together comprehensive emissions data that allows you to understand the impact of your tech stack, travel, energy consumption, and suppliers. The system comes with predefined emission factors for calculating both carbon and necessary offsets, all according to industry standards. 

This is an ideal solution for any organisation committed to measuring, offsetting, and reducing its carbon footprint.

With Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, you will be able to: 

  • Set targets for emissions 
  • Monitor real-time carbon emissions
  • Report on data with executive dashboards
  • Improve transparency with stakeholders 
  • Engage suppliers 
  • Conduct scenario planning for emissions reduction 



Your Salesforce Net Zero Cloud project starts with a thorough process including discovery, definition, and delivery before taking action.


DEPT® has robust capabilities in data management and data architecture, allowing you to get the most from your data and dashboards.

Thoughtful integration

Integration and automation of data ingestion processes, making your data reliable and efficient.


We look at your organisation’s highest impact drivers first and create a plan that gets you results quickly. We can also help you prioritise based on ROI or risk. 

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Let’s talk about Salesforce Net Zero Cloud 

Business Director – Net Zero

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