Fivetran is a cloud-based, fully managed data pipeline tool built for analysts and approved by engineers. The software will easily replicate your business data into the cloud warehouse of your choice.

Fivetran’s ETL approach differs from the traditional ETL method because it showcases values early and reduces long-term risk by syncing your datasets in their raw state to the database of your choice. Plus their standardised schemas will free your data engineering team to focus on analytics, not ETL.

Key features

Built to scale

Fivetran offers immediate and unlimited cloud resources with highly optimised loading and volume-neutral pricing to facilitate scaling up and down as your needs change. 

Data prep

Say goodbye to data prep with the help of Fivetran’s standardised schemas and well-documented ERDs which require no training or custom coding.

Automated data connectors

The company’s pre-engineered connectors adjust to schema modifications automatically, so you can concentrate on unlocking insights.

Fast set-up

Just authenticate your data warehouse as well as sources and Fivetran will do the rest. It’s that easy.

Integrated transformations

Trigger automated transformations powered by modern computing infrastructure; no more configuration required.

DEPT® & Fivetran

DEPT® is a certified Fivetran implementation partner. Fivetran’s reliability, agility and simplicity make it one of our go-to BI tools to help companies get their tech stack up and running quickly. This means you can start using your data with the ability to effortlessly add new and relevant data sources in the future. All without having to think about pipeline failure due to the company’s 24/7 monitoring.

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