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An increasingly popular, Java-based content management system, dotCMS is available in  feature-rich, corporate-friendly Enterprise and Cloud editions, in addition to a stripped-back, free Community edition.

The dotCMS Enterprise platform is a powerful open source content management system, able to deliver content to any digital touchpoint from websites and intranets to mobile apps and IoT devices. With dotCMS, digital marketers are empowered to create, analyse and optimise content to deliver relevant end user experiences.

The dotCMS architecture is built using a ‘Headless CMS’ approach, with integration and scalability at its core. This approach simplifies the intricate integration requirements of large organisations.

dotCMS – Key Features

  • Personalised Experiences = With both rules based and persona based personalisation features, dotCMS allows marketers to deliver personalised content across all channels to deliver increased conversion rates and leads.
  • Multilingual Support = With i18n and multilingual support built in, organisations can quickly create, manage and scale localised market experiences.
  • Easy Integration Points = With a range of pre-built integrations and API connection points, dotCMS can easily integrate with best of breed 3rd party DAMs, ERPs, CRMs and more.
  • On-Premise Solutions = With On-Premise Solutions, organisations can take full control over the platforms source code, allowing for customisation to meet more complex business needs.

Dept & dotCMS

Dept is a certified dotCMS implementation partner. Our skilled team of Java developers and architects mean we are able to help your business migrate to and populate dotCMS’s easy-to-use responsive interface with rich, relevant content.

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