Contentful is a modern cloud-native content management system that is ready for the future like no other.


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Contentful gives its users the tools they need to create and manage their content. Thanks to its headless architecture, developers can use this tool with any programming language, on any platform. As a certified Contentful partner, DEPT® is equipped to help companies implement and use this tool.

The modern digital landscape requires brands to have much more than a simple website. Companies want to offer their customers a uniform, personalised omni-channel experience with websites, apps, chatbots and marketplaces. Contentful offers its customers a user-friendly ‘unified content hub’ for content management across all channels. Developers can also use this tool because it has a powerful API which can be used on any channel, with any programming language. Contentful is also ideally suited to add content management capabilities to existing digital applications, where content changes now need to be made by developers.

As a SaaS, Contentful is built directly in the cloud and therefore also takes advantage of the associated benefits such as scalability, availability and speed. It also eliminates expensive upgrades.

Contentful has the following features which distinguish it as a modern CMS:

  • API first: Since API’s are at the core of this system, all content can be accessed via the API’s
  • Cloud-native: Contentful is built in the cloud, which makes the system infinitely scalable and uses cloud services as a standard CDN.
  • SaaS solution: Every Contentful customer uses the same system (just like Gmail, Dropbox, Netflix, Uber or Facebook, for example), so no management is required and upgrades are a thing of the past.
  • Freedom for developers: The APIs of Contentful can be used with any programming language. For fast onboarding SDK’s are available for Javascript, .Net, PHP, Java, Android, IOS, Ruby and more. A matter of ready, set, code.
  • Headless/ decoupled: The world is changing, we are moving away from monolithic systems and headless is the answer. With headless and best-in-class documentation, Contentful can support even the most complex digital ecosystems.

As a Contentful agency, DEPT® supports various companies with the successful application of Contentful. Here are some examples where Contentful contributes to optimal digital experiences in the experience-age.

Our Clients

We value a great working relationship with our clients. It’s why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted partner.

The DEPT® way

At DEPT®, we combine creativity and data with technological solutions such as Contentful to help organizations grow and accelerate. Below are five reasons why DEPT® is the ideal partner to get the most out of Contentful:

  • Contentful professional partner: Our developers are certified on Contentful technology and optimally equipped to create great digital experiences.
  • Experienced and successful: We have been working successfully with a wide range of technology leaders for many years. With our experience in diverse sectors, we help a wide range of customers to embrace digital.
  • Full approach: Digital growth does not stop with the successful deployment of Contentful. As a fully integrated digital agency, we also support SEO, creative campaigns, e-commerce, strategy and organisation, branding, data intelligence and more to help your organization grow and develop.
  • Widely deployable: Our teams have broad experience in both the technical aspects of a CMS as well as in setting up the organizational processes to use Contentful successfully. Besides projects, we can also temporarily strengthen an existing team with our specialists.
  • In-house experts: Our years of expertise in designing experiences, expandable architecture and integration of technology is not something we want to keep to ourselves. We share our knowledge as Contentful experts in our in-depth blogs in which we tackle practical challenges

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