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Studio Dumbar/DEPT® plays with sport and music for Utah Jazz’s 50th Anniversary

Liza Enebeis
Liza Enebeis
Creative Director
3 min read
17 November 2023

To celebrate its 50th anniversary in style, Utah Jazz has unveiled a unique motion immersive experience, for all fans of the basketball team. Utah Jazz collaborated once again with Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, who created a high-energy design identity that draws inspiration from the dynamism of basketball and the rhythm of jazz music.

This design is an evolution from last year’s update to Utah’s identity. During the design process, the Dutch design studio was inspired by the rich visual history of the Utah Jazz: the team had access to a comprehensive archive containing 50 years of jerseys, typefaces, logos, and more, which gave Studio Dumbar/DEPT®’s team of motion and 3D designers a unique look at the brand’s rich visual history and heritage. 

The design revolves around the energy of motion, featuring elements such as reactive 2D typography, metallic 3D patterns, sound-based motion pieces, and custom basketballs created from Utah-based materials.

The project’s design system is based on four key pillars:

  • Rhythmic Momentum: Kinetic typography inspired by jazz music, designed with rhythm and pacing in mind.
  • Physical Juxtapositions: The fusion of contrasting objects and materials in a 3D space to convey the Jazz’s story.
  • Sudden Dimensionality: The incorporation of 2D into 3D elements for added impact on typography and patterns.
  • Continuous Flow: Ever-flowing patterns that reflect the dynamic, playful, and expressive Jazz brand.

“The collaboration with Studio Dumbar/DEPT® has been exceptional. Their team consistently exceeded our creative expectations, and the partnership has been a true pleasure”, Tyler Andrews, Art Director, Utah Jazz.

“It’s not often you get to work with a brand with such a rich visual history and such a high energy. We were thrilled to be asked to help celebrate Utah Jazz’s anniversary and create an experience that delights the fans”, Liza Enebeis, Creative Director, Studio Dumbar/DEPT®

The identity is used in the arena, player hype reels, in-game audience cues, and digital communication to provide fans with an immersive experience. The collaboration between Utah Jazz and Studio Dumbar/DEPT® kicked off in 2020, beginning with the playoffs campaign in 2022, followed by an update of the team’s visual identity last year. 


Creative Director

Liza Enebeis