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Personalise your customer experience with Salesforce

Bram van der Doelen
Bram van der Doelen
Marketing Automation Tech Lead
4 min read
1 November 2022

DEPT® is pioneering technology and marketing to help brands stay ahead of trends. Improving the customer experience to engage on a personalised level with the target audience will definitely be on the priority list of many brands for the next few years. Do you wonder what the personalised CX of tomorrow looks like? Spoiler alert: you can already start optimising your brand’s customer experience today with the help of DEPT® and Salesforce.

Optimising your customer experience in one go might seem like a giant leap. That’s why we take it one step at a time. You don’t run a marathon on your first training, do you? The same goes for personalising your communication. Let’s take a look at this roadmap we implemented to skyrocket a personal care brand’s engagement with a personalised customer experience.

Low-hanging fruit: basic personalisation

The first step in personalisation is using the customer’s first name in your communication. It’s a lot easier to build a relationship when you’re on a first-name basis. This easy-to-realise, seemingly small improvement has a significant impact; it directly shows the value of personalisation. Adding the customer’s name in our test run with the personal care brand increased the open rate by a staggering 14.45%. 

The next step was creating three segments within the target group: women under the age of 35, women over 35, and men. After the implementation, the CTR of brand’s emails increased by 7.64% for women and a whopping 93.90% for men!

These “low-hanging fruit” optimisations never fail to increase performance. And the best part is you can start implementing these changes today.

Elevate personalisation with advanced segmentation

Let’s turn your personalisation up a notch. Salesforce’s possibilities go beyond the basics. By gathering data based on online behaviour and interaction, it’s possible to get valuable insights into the customer’s interests and needs.

As a brand, you want your customers to receive your message when they have the time to read it, but every person has their own daily routine. Salesforce’s AI system, Einstein, made it possible to customise the send-out day and time based on the behavior on a personal level. When we implemented this for the personal care brand, the open rate increased by 33.40%.

Predictive personalisation for a top-notch CX

What’s next, you wonder? Predictive personalisation. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Personalization gains in-depth insights into each customer and applies AI to deliver personalised, cross-channel experiences at any point in your customers’ journey. Their behaviour will be monitored on the web by first-party cookies, in-app, and email. Marketing Cloud Personalization can determine the following action for every customer and adjust messaging on different channels accordingly in real-time by identity-stitching the data of various data sources. 

For example, when a customer is browsing through the ‘day cream’ category, Marketing Cloud Personalization calculates the user’s affinity with this category. By combining an individual’s user behaviour with the data of other customers, the tool can personalise the website by changing the home page banner and recommendations on the home page. If the client leaves the website without a purchase but has a considerable conversion intent, there’s a possibility to reach out through different channels, like sending AI-driven emails.

Do you want to communicate with your target audience on a personalised level to gain engagement and revenue? Optimising your customer experience is the way to go. If you want to be a leader in your industry by gaining engagement through a personalised customer experience, go beyond the low-hanging fruit. DEPT® is a certified Salesforce partner with the expertise to stay ahead of the curve.

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Marketing Automation Tech Lead

Bram van der Doelen