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Mauritshuis wants to make the museum accessible to everyone

Lucas Nutbey
Lucas Nutbey
Head of Strategy
3 min read
21 April 2021

The Mauritshuis, home of masterpieces such as Vermeer’s Girl With Pearl Earring and The Goldfinch by Fabritius, is kicking off 2021 with the upcoming launch of the new website design and a renewed multimedia tour. Digital agency DEPT® is supporting the Dutch museum, located in The Hague, with strategy, technology and digital marketing.

The changes Mauritshuis implemented were created to put the art collection into a different perspective and provoke interest among other target groups. The new design is not only pleasing to the eye but allows for more interesting and user-friendly digital experiences. The physical experience is also enhanced with an improved multimedia tour; leading visitors through the museum in an interactive and fascinating journey. Mauritshuis and DEPT® optimised the digital marketing aspects and developed creative content concepts to reach additional target groups, such as young people, and enthuse them to visit the museum. During Spring, the new changes will go live.

Sandra Verdel, Project Manager Digital Engagement at Mauritshuis: “With the new website and multimedia tour we want to position the Mauritshuis as an approachable and accessible museum, that touches you personally with a collection that you must have seen once in your lifetime. We want to achieve this by telling more stories, but also by giving the floor to other people to speak about the collection. Additionally, the new website forms the basis for our new digital programming. We are very happy to have DEPT® help us with every aspect, from creativity to data, and technology.

“The new design really brings the website to life”, according to Lucas Nutbey, Digital Strategist at DEPT®. “By using animations and interactions, we bring the user into a world of art. We kept the corporate identity, that was created several years ago by Studio Dumbar (part of Dept), as a base and combined it with cool features and technologies of this time.”

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Head of Strategy

Lucas Nutbey