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Get rewarded for watching ads and changing the world with WeAre8

Laura Colton
Laura Colton
Content Communications Specialist
3 min read
17 August 2023

Can one person truly make a difference? WeAre8, a sustainable social media app that champions positivity, rejects hate, and supports environmental causes, is here to reshape the social media landscape and ethical advertising.

A platform with a purpose

Launched initially in the UK in 2021, WeAre8 is not just another social app—it’s a movement. WeAre8 envisions a world where every action, no matter how small, contributes to a positive impact. The platform launched in the US on August 8th and has set out to reimagine how we engage with media and each other.

Through WeAre8’s platform, users (also called ‘citizens’) can consume media in three innovative ways: 8Stage, Friends Feed, and Brand Ads. 8Stage lives at the top of the screen and is a dedicated space for verified creator content created daily to uplift and inspire and is free from advertisements and algorithms.

The Friends Feed lets users view content without intrusive ads and influencers. Users can also interact with friends’ content within a private feed, fostering more authentic interactions. Brand Ads enable users to opt-in to engage with ads and get paid for watching short brand videos. Brands then donate to good causes for every video you watch.

So what does this mean for advertisers? WeAre8 is an opportunity for advertisers to infuse purpose into their campaigns, as advertising dollars help give back to chosen charities and create positive outcomes.

By affiliating with the platform, advertisers demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, fostering more meaningful connections with conscientious consumers. The platform’s transparency ensures that every engagement resonates beyond just ad views, which creates a real, tangible impact.

While WeAre8 generates revenue through ads, 50% of revenue is shared with users through micropayments, 54% pays earnings forward to a charity (such as Project Hope, Educate Girls, PETA, and, 5% supports climate solutions, and an additional 5% goes toward a creator fund.

Much like DEPT®, WeAre8 proudly holds a certified B-Corp status, solidifying its role as a force for positive change in the community and globally.

With its transparent approach, WeAre8 serves as a catalyst prompting advertisers to rethink their strategies, redefine the digital ad model, and recognize the lasting change they can collectively bring about with the emerging era of ethical advertising.

The platform also presents a unique opportunity for brands to be among their first partners–pioneers boldly willing to activate on the platform with a testing mindset and spirit of experimentation.

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Content Communications Specialist

Laura Colton