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DEPT® helps measure and reduce organizational footprint as Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Partner

Terence de Waard
Terence de Waard
Global Partnership Marketing Lead
2 min read
26 January 2023

DEPT® helps organisations measure and reduce their footprint by becoming Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Partner

With Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, organisations can track, analyse and report on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, including measuring and reducing carbon emissions. This emission tracking platform enables companies to pinpoint necessary improvements, such as installing renewable energy across their sites, optimising efficiency in their supply chain, or reducing the amount of carbon-heavy travel.

DEPT® is a certified climate neutral company and was the first global agency to achieve B Corporation certification in 2021, so is well versed in the complexities and challenges of ESG reporting, and has in-depth experience of building sophisticated ESG tracking and data management tools. 

“Having been through the process ourselves, we’re aware of how tricky it can be to accurately track, report, and optimise environmental impact data,” said Dimi Albers, CEO of DEPT®. “Without a doubt, Salesforce Net Zero Cloud makes it so much easier for organisations to take practical steps in reducing their climate impact; a goal which all companies should set as a priority. We’re aiming for 15% of DEPT®’s revenue to come from projects that help clients make a positive impact, and being a Salesforce Net Zero Cloud partner will support us with that ambition.” 

“Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud is helping organisations of all sizes and across industries accelerate their net zero journeys,” said Jack-Olivier Parisot, Area Vice President at Salesforce. “We are thrilled to have DEPT® as a partner to support businesses in reducing emissions at scale and supporting their climate commitments with Net Zero Cloud.”

Founded in Amsterdam in 2015, DEPT® has quickly grown across the globe, from 150 people in The Netherlands to more than 4,000 people across five continents. It has a 250+ person Salesforce team, specialising in Salesforce’s multi-cloud solutions across Europe and the Americas. The Certified B Corporation is known for delivering pioneering work and impact projects for brands including Patagonia, The World Health Organization, Philips and eBay, and became the most awarded agency at the 2022 Webby Awards and Lovie Awards.

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