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Adama Agricultural Solutions

Centralizing a fragmented global organization

Brand names

In 2014, leading crop protection manufacturer and distributor Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd undertook a major global re-branding project. The project saw the launch of its new company name, new uniform branding across all its international subsidiaries and the centralization of its digital operations.

Decentralized Digital Management

Before the re-brand, Adama (formerly Makhteshim Agan) operated 40 separate brand names and hundreds of product brands, in over 45 markets. The company had 28 international websites using different CMS systems, brand messaging was disjointed, and there were varying digital maturity levels across its global subsidiaries.

Dept was appointed to build a global, centralised content management system, project manage the roll-out of Adama’s 49 new websites, and deliver training to all of its international markets.


a global, CENTRALIZED content management system

The overall re-brand project had a timeline of eighteen months, with the website build and roll-out to be completed within eight months. In order for this to be achievable, robust planning was a necessity.

To develop its digital roadmap, Adama first undertook a thorough gap analysis which assessed central and local requirements, the local markets’ current websites, and their digital maturity levels. Following that, the full user experience was addressed, the design project began, and Adama started the process for selecting a technology platform and partner to deliver the project. SDL Tridion Sites was selected as the CMS platform, and Dept was selected as the partner agency.

In the first three months, Dept had:

  • Developed governance, processes and a digital operating model.
  • Designed and built the digital infrastructure.
  • Delivered a centralized global content management system.
  • Coded a mobile-first, touch-optimized website.
  • Hosted the sites in the cloud, served by geo-redundant datacentres.
  • Delivered training to content editors across the world.

Within eight months, Dept rolled out 41 websites in 39 countries, and delivered training to 33 markets from seven hubs around the world.

Achieving deadlines with a repeatable process

With over sixty successful SDL Tridion implementations, we were perfectly placed to undertake Adama’s complex project, and were confident that no deadlines would be missed. In order to hit the tight deadlines, we created a roll-out process which was clear and predictable. Each market underwent a four month process encompassing training, content preparation and localized testing. This set clear expectations and deliverables for each market, and enabled transparent reporting of the status of each country.

The 49 websites were not just a translated version of the same website; product offerings differ across the markets, and the websites needed to reflect the specific needs and target audiences in each country. To achieve this, a dedicated roll-out team worked closely with Adama’s local teams to deliver relevant content.

An award winning solution

The success of this large scale roll-out hinged on developing the skills of the local markets. The digital skills level was assessed in each country, internal advocates were identified to help coach less digitally-savvy colleagues, and Dept delivered CMS training to content editors in 33 markets. By up-skilling local teams, the pre-launch content preparation was achieved and the local markets are now capable and empowered to manage their sites going forward.

In November 2014, Adama won the prestigious Agrow Award for Best Marketing Campaign for the global re-launch.

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