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From gasoline to gigabytes: Automotive’s electric, digital, and connected future

Explore the current state of the automotive industry and predictions from the team at DEPT®/AUTOMOTIVE in our latest longread.

In this comprehensive report, we explore where the auto industry stands after the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on manufacturing and supply chains, and dive into the trends and innovations shaping the future of driving. 

Download your copy for trends and insights, including:  

– The rapid growth of the electric vehicle market, government interventions, and the challenges and opportunities for auto brands in this space.

– The need for charging stations, the rise of out-of-home charging, and how businesses are shaping charging culture.

– How data is transforming the automotive industry, from marketing strategies to product development, and the importance of leveraging customer insights.

– The world of connected cars, the impact of connectivity on safety and entertainment features, and the challenges of meeting customer expectations.

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