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DEPT® 2023 Trends Report


We won’t lie: this year’s edition of our annual trends report surprised even us. 

The future of digital has fundamentally shifted over the course of the past year, in large part because of Gen Z and their refusal to accept the status quo. 

These young people are changing the world, rewriting definitions, and pushing for a future in which digital no longer supercedes the real world but, rather, serves it to create a way of living that is authentic and sustainable.

We see this in the way that Web3 technologies are emerging to offer “phygital” experiences,  digital experiences that act in combination with physical ones. In the way that creatives are using ChatGPT and AI-powered image generators as tools instead of replacements. And in the way that, even in a globalised world powered by cloud computing and revolutionary connectivity, digital consumers seek purpose-driven brands with missions that put their humanity front and center.

The 2023 DEPT® Trends Report explores these and 20+ other noteworthy trends spanning technology, business, and culture.

Using case studies, real-world examples, and documented research, we look at how brands are bringing to life Gen Z’s future and how yours can do the same to shape what’s next.