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CPG crossroads: 5 trends impacting brand’s digital strategies 

Consumers are cost-sensitive but still want what’s new. 

They’re more influenced by TikTok than traditional advertising. 

They demand a balance between conscious consumerism and the new “it” item. 

Increasing prices is no longer an option in the CPG industry, so innovation and culture are more important than ever. By focusing on data, content at scale, experimentation, and agility, brands can become part of the cultural conversation and reap long-term benefits in revenue and share of shelf.

In this longread, we’re focusing on five key trends impacting the CPG industry— and what your brand can do to win during the next few turbulent years. 

1. Powered content production: Aligning with customer preferences through AI 
2. Accessing first-party data through D2C platforms 
3. Standing out on the digital shelf: Today’s omnichannel consumer 
4. Maintaining brand equity by tapping into culture
5. Navigating emerging media: Creating experiences in virtual spaces for CPG consumers