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How platform migration puts on the fast track


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Offering an optimal online experience is essential nowadays for getting more mileage out of your e-commerce strategy. For this evolution of e-commerce brought the company at a crossroads. The Dutch online retailer, selling Interrail and Eurail train passes to 31 European countries with 35 rail and ferry companies, is growing fast. So, needed a future-proof solution that would allow for building personal experiences with rich content, rapidly deploying new functionalities straight out-of-the-box and responding to changes in the market. Thus, they decided to overhaul its entire website architecture.

Taking them from a custom Drupal platform to a hybrid of commercetools and Adobe Experience Manager, partnered up with Dept and Valtech to implement the solution and realise the platform migration. The projects biggest challenge: to keep the website running smoothly during the implementation process. As the migration project picked up steam, the team was met with various hurdles. How do you tackle typical migration challenges like moving thousands of pages? And how do you keep the migration project firmly on track?

Dept successfully migrated the website which now gets delivered through AEM and the process didn’t affect the shopping experience of users. However, like all journeys, this one came with a few challenges. Discover how Dept was prepared to handle those to make the transition as smooth as possible by downloading our longread.