The Hoxton

UX/UI for a multi-location hotel brand 

The Hoxton is a series of “open-house” hotels from Barcelona to New York City. They pride themselves in seamlessly blending in with the city around them and taking inspiration from the local culture. 

DEPT® helped Hoxton create a unique digital experience inspired by the diversity and originality of the neighborhoods surrounding its locations.

Creating a future-ready website

What started as a few properties quickly grew. This portfolio growth presented a big challenge. How do you balance a hotel’s brand while also honoring the individuality of each location?

DEPT®’s UX/UI work focused on creating this harmonious experience throughout the website, emphasizing each venue’s individuality and a unified brand presence. The experience was designed to ensure a seamless look and feel, enabling the content to flow between different modules, regardless of how users navigated the site. 

The website was flexibly engineered, accommodating future plans (additional hotel openings), which ensured Hoxton’s ability to expand as needed.

A local approach

When we designed Hoxton’s new website, we established three north stars: 

Open to everyone: The website’s design adopted a no-nonsense aesthetic, allowing playful content to take center stage. Working closely with the client’s design and brand teams, the rules and style for Hoxton were crafted to ensure a seamless and engaging user journey.

Global yet local: Emphasis was placed on capturing the unique aspects of each property and the surrounding neighborhood. The design incorporated color palettes aligned with the photography from each location, and illustrations were commissioned from artists native to these areas. This approach ensured each hotel had a distinct personality while maintaining a cohesive and recognizable look and feel.

Endless possibilities: With most of Hoxton’s customer base on mobile, we needed to approach the site with a mobile-first design. Each module was perfected for mobile devices before being translated for larger screens. Once added to the CMS, these modules can be easily dragged & dropped to make pages, with considerable flexibility.

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