A digital B2B strategy to reach healthcare professionals

Medela digital campaign

Through a strong commitment to research-driven solutions, Medela has established itself as a global leader in the healthcare industry. 

With significant potential for growth in the B2B market, Medela aimed to enhance product visibility and credibility among healthcare professionals. DEPT® partnered with Medela to achieve this goal with digital marketing campaigns across European markets.

Medela digital campaign

Tapping into the B2B audience

Medela specializes in two product lines: breastfeeding and pumping products and medical vacuum solutions for healthcare professionals in hospitals and private practices. 

Across both business units, Medela is committed to supporting professional communities with the latest research and education. In 2023, the brand broadened its digital marketing approach to include B2B activities for professionals. The goal was to create awareness among relevant professionals in the healthcare industry. These audiences are small and usually harder to reach, so we needed to walk a fine line between media, operational excellence, and best practices in campaign setups.

Medela digital campaign

Creating a multichannel campaign strategy

We took a comprehensive approach, focusing on campaign strategy, testing various channels, and redefining processes across 12 markets. 

For both product lines, campaigns were set up for Meta (Instagram & Facebook), Google paid search, LinkedIn, and Bing, with Xing testing in Germany. LinkedIn was pivotal in mid-funnel engagement, while paid search proved effective for lower-funnel conversions. 

To ensure the campaigns aligned with the brand’s objectives, we worked closely together and defined new ways of operations. By combining campaigns for a broad portfolio of services and products, we were able to reach relevant audiences at the right moments. Insights were collected to discover content and topic preferences to identify new campaign opportunities.

Medela digital campaign

The results

The strategic approach for awareness, lead, and event campaigns achieved impressive results. By targeting specialized B2B medical and health professional audiences, we generated more than 4.5M impressions and grew lead conversions. We optimized targeting and messaging to set up activations across European markets. 

The learnings gained in the testing phase are optimizing our go-forward strategy in 2024. Currently, we’re running ongoing campaigns for new product launches and information services, as well as lead generation for sales. By building on the success of our insights from last year, our strategic B2B partnership will continue to thrive in the future.




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Strategist, Digital Marketing NL

Kasia Meerman

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