Creating interactive ads using AI technology

With the increasing shift of businesses towards online platforms, many physical stores have shut down, resulting in vacant and unoccupied streets. At the same time, online advertising is getting more crowded, as more businesses opt for social media to connect with their target audience. 

As a result, these platforms have become saturated. Standing out from the competition can be a challenging task.

Find out how Hello Monday/DEPT® created the Shoe Mirror, an AI experience for passers-by. The ultimate goal of making use of empty stores and leading to direct sales.

Bringing digital stores to physical store-fronts

The owner of a vacant store cannot generate income. This situation is particularly disheartening if the store is in a prime location with high foot traffic (this can also negatively impact the community by creating the perception that the area is struggling or not thriving). 

Our AI team recognised this problem and wanted to come up with a viable solution to help struggling landlords, streets and online businesses. The idea was the Shoe Mirror. 

With the use of AI technology, the Shoe Mirror can bring digital stores to physical store fronts. By creating interactive ads that use AI, the Shoe Mirror can analyse what people are wearing,  find matching shoes, and place the selections “on” them through augmented reality.

How it works

The installation mimics the user’s movement on a screen, so that when they pass by a store or walk in – their feet movements are detected. Then, the technology matches a pair of shoes to their feet on a screen. As long as users move around, so will the shoes. 

The team is developing the Shoe Mirror in a way where the colour of the shoe is influenced by what the user is wearing, giving each user a personalised look.

With a QR code on the digital storefront, the user can scan the code and purchase the shoe directly from within the display.

Building the Shoe Mirror

Hello Monday/DEPT® used full body AI tracking, a machine learning-based technology that can detect human poses and movements from video and camera feeds. This technology helps identify the position of the user’s feet.

Once the position is identified, the 3D shoe appears on the screen and mimics the user’s position. Shadows and other effects are used to create a realistic shopping experience – similar to looking into a real mirror at a regular shoe store.


Founding Partner, HELLO MONDAY/DEPT®

Anders Jessen

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