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AEG Amazon Advertising Account

sales growth
ASIN generated

AEG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household appliances for private and commercial use. The expertise of the Dept team within Amazon Marketing Services enabled AEG to increase its revenue by 68% within three months. 130 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) were generated for AEG within this time.


The sponsored ads were launched in June 2018 with around 130 ASINs initially. In order to avoid sales problems, the ASINs were created before optimising the products. In order to generate new, successful keywords, automatic Sponsored Products (SP) campaigns were run during the first month. These were regularly updated and optimised in line with customer objectives. AEG’s mobile air-conditioning units were particularly popular and therefore sold out after only a short time. In order to best position the brand and create brand awareness, special Sponsored Brands (SBs) and Product Display Ads (PDAs) are used for events such as Prime Day or Cyber Week.


Increased brand awareness through the creation of more ASIN


Our goal was to increase AEG’s brand awareness by increasing the implementation of
Sponsored Brand Ads (SBs) and Product Display Ads (PDAs).
Campaigns were developed with different strategies for keyword optimisation (optimised title):

  • Generic: generic keywords, e.g. ‘washing machine’ or ‘vacuum cleaner’
  • Defensive: defensive keywords, e.g. ‘AEG washing machine’ or ‘AEG vacuum cleaner’
  • Competitor: competitor keywords, e.g. ‘Miele washing machine’ or ‘Dyson vacuum cleaner’
  • Auto: automatic alignment of sponsored products (generates keywords and occupies special advertising spaces on product detail pages)


  • +68% sales growth
  • 17.35% sales growth per invested euro
  • 3.98% average ACOS (Average Advertising Cost of Spending)
  • 130 ASINs

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