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The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Software Engineering Velocity


If you’ve ever worked with a general contractor, you’ll know that their deadlines tend to be overly optimistic.

Likewise, if you’re leading a product team, odds are you’ve seen enough project extensions to know that the same is true for engineering leads.

When building anything, there’s bound to be some challenges. Let’s face it: sh*t happens. But what if challenges keep happening? Are project extensions becoming routine? Does your back-log feel endless?

If this sounds familiar, odds are there’s a better way of doing things that you, as a product team lead, can uncover to help improve your engineering team’s velocity.

From one product person to another, with this Ultimate Guide we’re sharing engineering velocity’s most common challenges and detailing our own best practices & strategies for how to mitigate them.

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Ada by DEPT® – a one-stop platform for every marketing challenge


The right technology and data to boost your business to the next level are readily available today. You just need to harness them correctly.

But that’s exactly where the challenge lies for most businesses: the organization behind it all. From selecting and implementing the right martech solutions and creating a workflow in which these solutions work together, to processing customer data to create audience insights for better marketing.

In this whitepaper, we explore the challenges that CMOs face and explain the rise of the agency data platform. We also showcase Ada by DEPT®, our Agency Solution Platform which provides 50 best-of-breed point solutions that cover all of the CMO’s key activities: Media & Advertising; SEO & Content; Marketplaces; Data & Insights; Creative Automation; Financials & Admin, and 3rd party integrations.

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Guide to implementing design systems


The pressure to deliver seamless brand experiences across various digital touchpoints is stronger than ever. Design systems are the way to strengthen brand identity across your digital estate. Here’s a five-step guide to implementing one within your business.

Included in this longread is:

1. What is a design system?
2. Design systems in action
3. Five-step guide to implementation
4. Atomic design explained
5. Preparing for the future

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Google Analytics 4 Setup Checklist


Google Analytics 4 Setup Checklist – Everything you need to get a complete GA4 setup

Google Universal Analytics (UA) had been with us for almost 18 years before Google announced that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will be taking over as their main analytics platform.

Time to get ready for the switch!

Download our GA4 checklist to make sure your new or existing GA4 property is configured correctly, enabling you to still collect all the relevant data once UA will be sunsetted on 1 July 2023.

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The drivers of digital creative performance


It is often said that creative elements are the key to successful advertising. But what is the actual impact of creative elements on your advertising campaign, and how do you know which creative elements are the most valuable for your advertisement?

Meta has worked on its own solution called the Gamma Score – a creative insights tool that helps advertisers gain greater visibility into what elements of an advertisement drive the digital creative performance. To test this new insights tool and show its relevance, DEPT® and Meta partnered up. Together, we ran multiple creative analyses for clients like G-Star RAW, Paula’s Choice, and Upfield (Blue Band).

In this whitepaper you will learn more about the Gamma Score, and we will show you tips and tricks for working with this new solution.

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Pragmatic guide to the metaverse – technology & components


The metaverse is an elusive and confusing idea, combining web3, 3D technology, headsets, and different shades of reality. 

However, if you break down the metaverse into categories and components, it’s suddenly not so difficult to understand. 

In this pragmatic guide to the metaverse, we’ll work through everything you need to know about this up-and-coming virtual space, including the technical requirements and how your audience will access it.

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Creative Automation Report: More Power to Create


Technology has been transforming the creative marketing and advertising industries even before the pandemic accelerated the need for new approaches.

Now it’s time for brands to take the next leap forward and explore the opportunities presented by creative automation, developing an approach that combines a combination of creativity and technology to streamline production and augment the creative process so that the best ideas take shape faster. 

Featuring exclusive opinion pieces by eBay, Just Eat and Opendoor, this report will help explain why creative automation (such as creative assets at scale, dynamic advertising, and conversational marketing), is the future of digital marketing, and how it can help your brand to gain advantage.

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The ultimate guide to CMS selection in 2022


With customers demanding more out of digital experiences, websites (and CMSes in particular) have to serve as much more than an online brochure of content.

But the market for CMS solutions is vast and complex, and finding the right platform can be challenging.

This whitepaper breaks down the complete selection process to help you find a CMS to fit your unique needs and specific business goals.

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22 Trends for 2022


We saw that digital could change the world in 2020. 2021 showed us how fast that change could happen.

Over the course of this year, 5G really took off, we saw the launch of more than a few billionaires into space, and even the discovery of a whole new universe with the rise of the metaverse. Yeesh! It’s been a wild ride.

As the world speeds up around us, powered by a host of advanced new technologies, it’s safe to say that even at DEPT® we were staggered by the sheer innovation that digital offered this year.

What’s next seems almost beyond our imaginations— well, almost, but not quite. Here’s a sneak peek at the top 22 trends we’re expecting in 2022.

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12 Technology Trends to Watch in 2022


To succeed in 2022 and beyond, technology leaders need to focus on the changing economy, streamlining technology, and the virtual world. Download the 2022 Technology Trends report to understand where tech is taking business this year.

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