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Bridging the opportunity gap between in-person students & non-traditional learners

Together, Arizona State University and DEPT® are leveling the playing field for students across the globe. 

In our ongoing relationship, we’ve developed a variety of platforms for a diverse set of learners and educators, with a focus on accessibility and equity.

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Can technology help democratize education? 

In today’s world, the democratization of education is a tremendous opportunity. 

Students that attend traditional universities with laptops, 5G networks, and online communities usually have better odds of achieving their career goals. 

On the other side of the spectrum, learners in unstable or low-bandwidth countries don’t have access to the same educational experiences. 

How can we bridge that gap with technology? 

This is one of the problems ASU is solving with its many products and platforms. 

DEPT® has been working with ASU in the EdTech space for over six years. We develop educational platforms not only in the US but also for learners around the globe with unique cultural backgrounds and various technical readiness levels.

Before building out a new EdTech solution, we follow a user-centric design approach. What may be a good solution for tech-savvy millennials in Chicago or New York is likely not the right implementation for Gen Z learners in Kenya. By designing and engineering custom solutions for each unique target population, we ensure that our educational KPIs can be met.

We tailor our application design to the unique technical constraints of each region.

The most bleeding-edge in responsiveness, animation, and UX will simply not work on a high-latency, low-bandwidth network that connects to a five-year-old Android device.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and we work closely with our EdTech partners to ensure that we employ the right tools for the job. 

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Custom platforms

Connect young African leaders with professional opportunities 

To create more opportunities for African learners, ASU and DEPT® created Baobab, a social and professional application.

This product promotes networking, mentorship, and learning courses in leadership, entrepreneurship, and hard and soft skills. 

Help students explore careers and plan career paths 

me3® is an interactive quiz and planning tool. Using a SaaS model, me3® helps students explore careers and plan career paths. By using this technology, schools across the globe can introduce students to careers that align with their interests. 

Support Emirati and Arab youth in their career exploration 

ASU’s Young Thinkers Program is an online university and career readiness program. As learners use the Young Thinker Program, they can network, find mentorship, and explore higher education programs.

Today, there are over 50,000 users on the platform. 

Tutor students who need additional help

Intelligent Tutor helps students who struggle with math by taking them through lessons at their own speed. Each concept has guided practice, video tutorials, and example problems to ensure students are comprehending each lesson. 

Over one million learners served 

Our partnership has enabled ASU to test its pilot programs and then quickly scale them to tens of thousands of users. By focusing on human-centered design and efficient development, we have successfully launched product after product alongside their team. 

By focusing on delivering value to non-traditional learners and meeting them where they at, we’ve helped ASU achieve its mission of bringing more educational opportunities to learners–whether on-campus in Tempe, AZ, or across the globe. 


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