The sweet chocolate taste of nostalgia

When it’s winter, it’s time for Chocomel. That’s a given fact that Dutch citizens know by heart. With the cold season upon us, the iconic Dutch chocolate milk brand commissioned DEPT® with its annual winter campaign. The goal: to get everyone craving for that annual moment of indulgence.

An iconic Dutch brand

The iconic brand Chocomel is built on years of nostalgia and engraved into Dutch culture. Chocomel is loved for its delicious creamy and sweet taste, but we also discovered a unique product insight: every mug of hot Chocomel is tied to an important ritual around the cold weather during autumn and winter. People tie it to activities like going for stormy walks, ice skating, building snowmen… and it’s the ritual what makes a mug of Chocomel hit exactly right.

The ritual tied to drinking Chocomel is an inherent part of why it tastes so delicious

We first defined a broad range of nostalgic Dutch Chocomel winter rituals, that end with a steaming mug of hot Chocomel. From these, a story in which two Chocomel fans lose themselves in their preparation of that one perfect mug, was born.

The campaign line “You know when it tastes best” refers to everyones’ own Chocomel ritual and triggers the nostalgia, unique to every single person who grew up with it. Through a complete ATL-campaign we let the whole of the Netherlands crave for a hot mug of Chocomel during the cold winter months.

The insight on which this campaign is based is spot on. The pleasure of a delicious mug of Chocomel starts way before that first sip. The two characters in the campaign show that in an iconic way.

Melissa Smeets, Brand Manager, Chocomel


Creative Director at DEPT® Creative NL

Ramin Bahari

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