Helion wins new customers with Discovery Ads

Helion is the largest Swiss installation company in photovoltaics and heating systems. Seeking to deliver a new kind of digital experience, they turned to DEPT® to optimize lead generation.

Lead generation challenges

Helion started offering personalized photovoltaic systems and heat pumps that can be configured online. To target homeowners who were in the process of building or renovating, the brand used Google search ads for the low-funnel part of the customer journey.

Due to the limited number of search queries and strong competition in the industry, Helion quickly faced the challenge of finding new approaches to lead generation.

Expansion with Discovery Ads

Working closely with DEPT® and the Google Agency team, Helion realized the importance of proactively engaging their audience when they are open to discovering new products and services. 

By leading the way and adding Discovery Ads to their marketing channels, Helion was able to reach new customers across multiple Google channels (Discovery, YouTube, and Gmail).

The power of the new format in terms of generated leads was surprising. It helped us to prospect new customers and led us to rethink our budget allocation.

Renato Mitra, Head of Digital Communications, Bouygues E&S InTec Schweiz AG

More leads at lower costs

With Discovery Ads in the channel mix, Helion achieved 36% more leads at 15% lower costs per lead. Compared to generic search ads, the cost per lead was up to 45% lower. 

This shows the importance of expanding the digital marketing mix with promising measures such as Discovery Ads. As a result, Helion discovered a powerful channel that allowed them to expand their customer base and develop business activity more effectively.


Management, Partner

Philipp Griesser

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