Inspiring the builder in everyone

As the leading blockchain and Web3 software company, Consensys is known for their innovative suite of products designed for users, creators, and developers.

With a new mission to inspire the builder in everyone, Consensys approached Hello Monday/DEPT® to transform their website and showcase the accessibility and creativity of the Web3 ecosystem.

Empowering everyone & anyone

Our primary goal was to seamlessly integrate their new brand system into the corporate website, showcasing the diverse range of Consensys products and the myriad opportunities they offer within the Web3 and blockchain space. 

By focusing on Consensys’s commitment to fostering community and enabling builders, our design conveys a powerful message: Irrespective of one’s capabilities or existing knowledge of Web3 and blockchain, anyone can take part in this growing digital space and begin building their own contribution to it immediately.

Inspiring engagement

In showcasing Consensys’s products, our design transcended functionality to deliver an interface that not only empowers but also captivates. Going beyond the ordinary, we sought to create an interesting, engaging, and fun user experience that sparks interest in Consensys and its offerings. 

From the animations that encourage users to shift their perspectives, to the wild illustrations mixed with bold colors and the little pops of excitement hidden throughout the site, we loved creating something that delights users and portrays Consensys as the cutting-edge company they truly are.

Building a community for tomorrow, today

Our strategic presentation creates a user experience that provides clarity and fosters confidence by positioning Consensys as a reliable and mature presence in the crypto ecosystem. At the same time, it encourages users to explore the dynamic landscape of everything that Consensys has to offer.

By incorporating elements of interest, engagement, and coolness, this approach encourages active participation within the Web3 community from both seasoned developers and newcomers.

The future won’t be made by us; it will be made by you and a growing global community. Great things are being made, and this is just the beginning.


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