Savage X Fenty

Celebrating confidence and culture with Savage X Fenty content

Savage X Fenty is disrupting the lingerie world. Driven by fun and fearlessness, the brand encourages shoppers to “feel sexy and have fun doing it.” With pieces ranging from everyday to daring, Savage X Fenty is made for all bodies, genders, and moods. 

DEPT® worked with the brand to build a predominantly woman-led production team that embraced Savage X Fenty’s sense of confidence and inclusivity. Together with the brand, we worked to provide their acquisition team with a high volume of true-to-brand content—as well as additional strategy and creative.


VIP in your body

As the lingerie market continues to evolve, it was paramount for our team to tap into the changing attitudes of our audience. We wanted content that captured the new cultural ethos, celebrating the diversity of bodies as subjects rather than objects. 

To drive conversion, it was important to showcase the products as much as the bodies wearing them, and we developed a high volume of killer acquisition content that did just that. Creative that captured the brand’s playfulness as much as its edge, and strategy that considered the customers first, helped us drive conversions at scale—fast.

Breaking new ground with new content

With a robust media budget and big media plans but no content volume to back them, our team stepped in to efficiently expand Savage X Fenty into new paid channels. The key to building the creative plan was to remain true to the core personality that built the brand, promoting confidence and comfort in one’s skin.

Over 6 shoots, we produced:

  • 110 TikToks
  • 78 YouTube assets
  • 49 streaming assets
  • 122 Instagram assets
  • 18 months of content

While staying true to the primarily user-generated content (UGC) on YouTube and other streaming platforms, we also wanted to test higher-production product stories without losing that same UGC vibe.

What started as combing through extensive spreadsheets of products in every size and style for any and all genders, quickly turned into a Savage content-creating machine.

Our product-focused concepts and strategies were informed by the culture of specific platforms — like on TikTok, where we tested a mix of content including trend-inspired edits.

Nearly overnight, the pace quickened and led to an explosion of content, color, people and faces in 9x16s and 30s full screens. We pumped out 18 months of content that connected to audiences and left them wanting more.

Prioritizing culture while driving savage results

From our directors and photographers to stylists and designers, we were intentional in putting together our woman-led crews. 

As the Savage X Fenty values defy the world of lingerie that came before it, we built a team to defy the traditionally male-led commercial photography industry. We wanted to establish an experience that, at its core, embodied Savage X Fenty values.

At the end of the day, the work was real, fun, confident, sexy and straight-up savage.


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