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It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift. While money is a safe option, cash can lack the excitement and personalization that characterize a great present. So Rabobank created a solution called Loupy. Built by DEPT® and Rabobank, Loupy is a gifting app that allows you to give money accompanied by a personal video message. 

Finding the perfect gift is not always easy. Simply giving money is a safe option, but not always the most surprising. Rabobank has come up with a solution: Loupy, a gift app that allows you to give money with a personal video message. The fortunate recipient then has the choice between claiming the amount or selecting a gift voucher. Dept and Rabobank joined forces to build the mobile app, which is now available for download in the app stores.

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From prototype to mature product

Loupy is a corporate venture, a true innovation project, of Rabobank. After the financial institution’s innovation team built a working prototype, they brought in DEPT® to take the next step: develop a more mature app. 

We got to work on the technological side of the app, while also refining the front end to look and feel polished and user-ready. This included defining a fitting brand identity for Loupy and ensuring it was translated through the app’s design and user experience. Using the lean startup methodology, our team arrived at an optimized product—including app and website—through a fast and flexible process. Rabobank was ready for Loupy to enter the market and go live in November, just in time for the holidays and a season full of gifting.  

A personalized experience for every situation

Loupy is a gifting app inspired by the Chinese app WeChat’s Red Packet feature, which allows users to easily send and receive money electronically. Loupy brings this popular app capability to the Netherlands—with additions that make it even more special. 

When a user receives a gift on Loupy, they have the option to cash in the money or choose a gift voucher. If they pick the latter, Loupy adds a little extra on top of the given amount. 

The app is suitable for a variety of situations, such as birthdays, weddings, housewarming, baby showers, retirement, and more. And gift senders have access to a range of features to make their gift more personal and special. From photo attachments to video recordings, plus text and themed filters, givers have plenty of customization opportunities. 

The app was originally launched in the Netherlands, with a vision to expand across Europe—so even more users can easily share personalized gifts, no matter how far apart they are.

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Technical and legal specifications

We built the app natively for iOS and Android using an API. It’s connected to Raboboank’s systems and incorporates augmented reality (AR) facial filters for videos powered by Banuba.

Because money plays a central role in the app, it was critical that all aspects were meticulously researched and regulated. We therefore conducted a legal and security assessment with Rabobank. Similarly, for companies in specific industries, including the financial services sector, it’s mandatory to identify and assess customers before engaging in business. Through a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, Rabobank confirms who its customers are and determines whether they may pose a risk to the integrity of business operations. This ensures compliance with all industry guidelines. 

A glimpse into the future

DEPT® has been involved as a technical partner from start to finish, collaborating branding, design, construction, and execution. Together with Rabobank, we developed an innovative product that delivers a digital gifting experience intended to connect and surprise people in a fresh way. Our partnership will continue on as we further develop the app with additional features, such as group payments, and an expanded range of affiliated retailers and experiences. Our goal? Make gifting money even more fun for all!


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