Brand Identity

If your brand were a person, the brand identity would define what it looks like, what it says, how it interacts with others, and what it hopes to achieve. So, getting your brand identity right is crucial. It conveys your brand’s story and ensures your messaging is consistent across multiple channels, from your site, to digital ads, to in-person events, and beyond.

Our branding and identity agency strategists will help you define your brand’s identity — whether you need a new logo, an upgrade of your current identity, or a complete redesign.

Get noticed

Any business, not just the big-shot companies, can rise above the crowd and get noticed. That is, if you can find out what makes that brand unique — which is where we come in. We combine your differentiators, our knowledge of the market you’re operating in, and the technological possibilities for your brand to stand out.

Owning the experience

Your brand exists far beyond the channels you manage, from real world recommendations between friends to user-generated reviews on TikTok or Instagram. Every interaction that someone has with your brand contributes to how it is perceived as a whole, even when it is out of your hands.

Brand identity includes not just the visual perception of your brand, but also how it is experienced by others. So, when crafting your identity, we think beyond aesthetics to develop a strategy that is cohesive with your mission, aligning your brand and CX to deliver an experience that resonates your customers and reflects their values.

We are blurring the line that separates brand and customer experience and deepening the overlap between the two. Our approach ensures that we not only tell a consistent story of your brand, but that the customer experience is continually delivering on that story, wherever and whenever users come into contact with you. 

How can we help?

We start by understanding you and your business. How? By talking to the people who define your brand’s character: your team. Through interviews, we gather brand identity-critical information from across your company. Then, we analyze the competition you’re up against now and in the future, plus listen to what your clients or customers have to say. 

We combine all of this information in a captivating, clear-cut story, a visual character, and a strategy that will inform the next steps of bringing your brand identity to life. Our team of graphic designers will work with you on execution, creating everything from business cards, to a new motion piece, to the design of your website. And alongside our identity design experts, we’ll work together to build out your brand style guidelines designed help you manage memorable and consistent marketing materials and campaigns, both online and offline.