Sony PlayStation

A platform for the game-changers

playstation 1

Sony PlayStation revolutionised the gaming world with groundbreaking entertainment, revolutionary graphics and gameplay. It delivers unbelievable experiences and incredible adventures allowing players to delve into new worlds with access to whole universes in the palm of their hands. With a growing network of 80-million active users, Sony PlayStation is celebrated for its innovative products and services. Sony turned to Dept with the vision of allowing its global audience from all corners of the world to purchase their official merchandise.

E-Commerce Enterprise

Through integrating the range of digital expertise within Dept, the PlayStation Gear merchandising platform was born and released throughout Europe. CentreSoft, the UK’s leading multi-format specialist distributor of video games, contracted Dept for the project on behalf of Sony. Dept strategists analysed the logistics of the retail venture, whilst our creative and technical craftsmen designed and built a bespoke e-commerce platform that boasts a truly interactive online shopping experience. The marketing team optimises the website, ensuring optimal performance and search visibility for the brand new domain. Launch campaigns were executed to introduce the storefront, engage with target audiences and increase traffic. 

Visual Light 40 scaled

Merging gameplay with online shopping

The Approach

Taking UX to the next level

Code for international conquest

Immersive design

The Result

Collaborating with Sony PlayStation to design, build, and launch a new multilingual e-commerce storefront throughout Europe was a massive achievement for Dept. The entire build from wireframes and planning, through to coding and tactical implementation took less than 6 months to complete, as the project was expedited in order to be live for the world’s largest gaming conference, E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, and to partake in Sony PlayStation’s annual ‘Days of Play’ campaign. The initial release of PlayStation Gear was highly successful and laid a solid foundation for continued growth.

High search visibility

Prior to launch, as a brand new domain, had no visibility on search engines. Using a range of tools to monitor site performance, conduct behavioural analyses and optimise accordingly, the website is now approaching 3 million sessions. Over 650, 000 sessions are from organic search and almost 500, 000 are from paid search, as a result of executing organic and paid campaigns; the channels work in tandem, ensuring PlayStation Gear is positioned in a prime position within the search engines.

Organic search reach

PlayStation Gear has grown in organic visibility for a range of brand, product and generic search queries since its launch. Each version of the multilingual platform appeared in over 2k core search queries which were instrumental in driving traffic and conversions. With over 650 root domains link to the website providing 76k+ backlinks, organic visibility is continuing to grow. In a single month alone, organic search has driven 82k sessions to the site.

Since launching in May 2017, PlayStation Gear has won multiple awards and is continuously praised in the gaming community and over social media. Working in an agile way, under such a tight deadline, has strengthened Dept’s relationship with Sony and has led to a long-term partnership.

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Jake Welsh

Executive Creative Director

Jake Welsh


A next-gen collaboration

SteelSeries has fueled the gaming industry by creating innovative new products, designed specifically for eSports and passionate gamers everywhere. However, SteelSeries had reached a point where further, substantial market share growth could no longer be achieved by simply investing more media budget into the lower funnel marketing activities. Together we’ve evolved SteelSeries’ media strategy to embrace the full customer journey, acknowledging the consumer path is a journey and the first step isn’t a purchase.

Implementing a full-funnel messaging and buying strategy to raise their brand awareness

The Approach

Having built a sound lower-funnel marketing foundation, it was time for SteelSeries to start focussing on the brand’s long-term growth. Together, SteelSeries and Dept joined forces in rethinking the media investment and strategy, ultimately implementing a full-funnel messaging and buying strategy to hone in on raising brand awareness and, ultimately, meeting SteelSeries’s ambitious growth targets. A project that started with a structured KPI approach that gave us the possibility to measure the branding activities for each step of the customer journey.

By measuring success on each step of the customer journey, the marketing budget was optimised between lower-funnel marketing activities and upper-funnel branding focused activities. A keystone in the project was the company’s “tried & true” channels: Facebook and Instagram. We also took it a step further and introduced the brand to a new social platform: Snapchat. We tailored the messaging to better speak to new users who were unfamiliar with the brand. We prioritised video ads and tested new, engaging ad formats like Instagram Story polls and Snapchat Story ads. With humour and catchy slogans, we built a new tone of voice and brand story.

During the project, we continuously made improvements and gathered learnings along the way which ensured that the strategy only grew stronger as we progressed. This, together with smart bidding, real-time pricing strategies and ongoing analysis based on the KPIs we set from the outset, ensured that we outbid the competition and that SteelSeries maximised the impact of every dollar spent. By combining all assets in a knowledge bank SteelSeries is now equipped with best practices around creatives, formats, platforms, audiences and strategies. This will ensure the full-funnel messaging approach and strategy will only grow stronger throughout the year and into the next to come.

This is just the first step in implementing a full-fledged marketing strategy which will now be implemented widely across the full marketing strategy, including YouTube as well as other channels, now that SteelSeries have tested and proven a solid foundation for its long-term growth plans.


Mille Munk Sorensen

Strategy Director

Mille Munk Sørensen

Beats by Dre

A new home for the Beats brand

Beats Retail Web Design Case Study Hero Image Desktop scaled

The Beats by Dre brand is a multibillion-dollar company that owns over 70% of the market. An icon at the center of pop culture, its stamp on music and sports was cemented by legendary founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. After changing hands through an Apple acquisition, Beats approached us to help pivot the brand in a different direction with a new digital flagship focused on building the brand while improving conversion and click-through rates.

Centered around the idea of moving at the speed of culture, the new .com acts as a channel where brand inspiration, product information, and the Beats community come together. Storytelling lives at the service of product, and product is brought to life through more in-depth information and cultural context. Editorial content, brand campaigns, and product stories are now connected in a manner that encourages the audience to lose themselves in what they love.

Experience design

The purpose of the digital experience was two-fold: to bring the emotion of the brand forward while emphasizing product benefits. Beyond a standard eCommerce platform, we helped build a destination for all things Beats.

Optimising for users and form factors – With a core audience ranging from 16 to 24 years old, the eCommerce experience is designed for thumb-first interaction. The navigational structure is adaptable across mobile, tablet, and desktop, ensuring we’re serving users of all behaviors and device types.

Through a research-proven approach, the experience works, looks, and feels like an app.

A digital-first design language and content strategy.

The new creative direction is distinctively Beats: bold, streamlined, and beautiful. The design system embraces minimalism and is modular in structure to create consistency and improve flexibility.

Product pages highlight unique stories and features through lifestyle photography and video, establishing strong art direction standards in the process.

A content hub to explore the Beats brand.

Social media has made relevance and engagement essential components of the user experience. Taking cues from popular channels like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, a centralized location for original Beats content allows users to jump in and out during the browsing experience.

The content tags relevant products to spark consideration and desire.

Through a research-proven approach, the experience works, looks, and feels like an app.

Visual Dark 20 1 scaled

Interactive and modular styling for seamless updates.

We teamed up with Beats’ digital, brand, marketing, and technology teams to establish a system of site components that is easy to use and flexible enough for new campaigns, trends, and product updates.

Our digital experience manager allows each region to build out its own front end, while the style guide instructs internal teams how to use, interact with, and manipulate site components and code to tell timely stories.

To create consistency and expedite time to market, we created an interactive style guide that outlines design considerations and standards alongside code snippets to help engineering teams easily integrate across digital platforms.

Building upon the style guide, we engineered a custom page builder and prototyping system that enables the various departments at Beats to collaborate and test approaches.

The tool pulls together site-wide components and enables the client team to add and remove various experience patterns with ease. They can also save and share layouts as well as export functional code for deployment on Adobe Experience Manage

Technology solutions

To grow their businesses and adapt to the changing cultural landscape, brands must rely on technical innovation. Likewise, the Beats brand needed a platform that was scalable, efficient, and frictionless.

To execute on its long-term vision, the Beats team needed best-in-class content creation tools and a modular system of components. Adobe Experience Manager provides enterprise-level media and content management, which allows the client team to focus on the messaging and user journey rather than scalability.

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Experience the website

Visual Light 125 2 1 scaled


Webby Award – Site of the year 2017


Webby Award – Mobile Best Practices 2019


Kristin Cronin

Head of Marketing US

Kristin Cronin


Live like a champion

Screenshot 2021 06 29 at 15 51 52 min

In the year of the World Cup in Russia, JBL wanted to claim the momentum of such event. But FIFA rules are strict and only the main sponsors can make use of the tournament’s power and build advertising around it. So, how can we make a campaign that associates JBL to the World Cup without being able to talk about it? We’ve turned to our main sports ambassador Jerome Boateng and we gave him a friendly rival: Max.

Visual Light 93 7 scaled

We then built a story around Max and his adventure to follow Boateng and his favourite headphones to Russia. #RoadToBoateng was an integrated campaign (focused on digital & social) that picked up the action where the TVC ended, when Boateng decided not to give the headphones Max so keenly wanted.

More than 1 million full video views


The World Cup is one of the biggest events all year round and in 2018 we wanted to make use of that momentum for our brand. Although, JBL was not a sponsor of the event, and FIFA is very protective of the image rights of the tournament. So, we implemented a strategy that used our biggest football ambassador – Jerome Boateng – and we built a story around him. A story that revolved around a young fan of his – Max -, obsessed with Boateng’s JBL headphones. We created a digital story that resumed the TVC. In this story, Max follows Boateng to Russia in search of his headphones. The whole narrative hinted to football, our ambassador – and World Cup participant for Germany – Boateng and was told in different media leading up to the World Cup. The social, digital and display ads ran strategically after the TVC, together with a radio spot, creating an integrated campaign environment around our brand and the big tournament. We also ran the campaign videos on match day in different venues around Germany, making #RoadToBoateng undeniably connected to the World Cup and a story Germans followed closely before and during the tournament.




hours viewed film time


social engagements


We wanted to reach as many people as possible and build the awareness around JBL and the World Cup without crossing any lines – and so we did! We saw an incredible adherence to our campaign videos with more than 1 million full video views of our key campaign asset (higher numbers on YT) and more than 45 thousand clicks to know more about the campaign and the product (within 5 million of reached consumers online). In total, the users we’ve reached spent 600 hours watching our ads.

The reactions online were staggering with 20 million impressions and more than 70 thousand social engagements (likes, shares, comments) in all of our platforms. Last but not least, our canvas advertising environments had an opening rate of 74%, way higher than the benchmark for this kind of format.


João Inácio

Associate Creative Director

João Inácio


Putting marketing in the spotlight

iStock 1220413167 1 scaled

As humans, we never stop learning. With this in mind, GoodHabitz offers numerous online training courses for professionals. A strong and user-friendly website is a must to provide them with the best experience and the right information. GoodHabitz turned to Dept to deliver a fresh website to provide an optimal experience for its students. After an intensive and successful collaboration, the GoodHabitz website is now more colorful, user-friendly and more marketing-minded than ever.


Customised learning

Every organisation deals differently with the personal development of its employees, but offering training is always a golden formula. GoodHabitz Specialises in online training for the B2B market via a subscription model; employees decide what, when and how they learn, all for a competitive, fixed price. GoodHabitz works with organisations to develop customised programs ranging from inspiring leadership to productivity, personal strength to digital skills. The individual employee then decides what, when and how to learn, so the knowledge gained is perfectly balanced and timed with the professional needs of staff. GoodHabitz courses stand out as being as engaging and easy-to-follow as your favorite TV shows.

Optimised for lead generation

Providing digital services means that everything in the digital realm has to work optimally – that goes without saying. Prior to its partnership with Dept, GoodHabitz’s former website consisted of both the learning and marketing platforms and was developed in-house. The organisation realised that its marketing reach and online visibility could be further improved to support its global growth. Dept stepped in to increase digital lead generation, choosing to separate the learning and marketing platforms. By doing so, Dept can help increase the sales, visibility and reach of GoodHabitz among HR professionals.

Habitz 1

The perfect balance

Dept began this project by researching GoodHabitz’s potential clients, namely hr professionals and learning & development experts. We then presented the opportunities from our research and expertise to GoodHabitz in a workshop to learn which choices they want to make as an organisation in the short and long term.

This initial research and discovery shaped the conceptual phase of the project. Despite wanting to separate the marketing and learning platforms, GoodHabitz was satisfied with the existing branding and style of the website.

Dept’s design team didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, but looked how to apply existing style, fonts and colours to a more user-friendly design.

The challenge for Dept’s designers was to find the balance between GoodHabitz’s playful, colorful style and its clear focus on the business market. Our quest was to balance the choice between professional versus playful, soft shapes versus clean lines, and bright use of color versus a white, clean look. GoodHabitz and Dept reached a middle ground; a more business-like design was created, in which the existing colours are balanced. The colours now also have a clearer purpose, with each color representing a category within the GoodHabitz range. This way the website appears structured and clear.

Once concepts were defined and applied, Dept looked to improving online visibility, reach and sales. The new website is completely SEO-first, based on extensive keyword search data. Measurability of the entire B2B journey was also a main focus: from first interaction to orientation, demo requests to quotation, finally leading to a signed contract. Funnel and channel dashboards were implemented to monitor performance campaigns and conversion.

Dept used salesforce pardot to set up email flows to reactivate dormant prospects in the database. The goal was to reach potential clients through marketing and sales-focused emails, linked in campaigns and landing pages. Finally, Dept set up an overarching data architecture, integration and tooling advice, taking into account GoodHabitz’s ambition to be able to personalise via machine learning and algorithms on both the marketing and learning platforms.

The final product

Dept’s revamping of the GoodHabitz site covered every part of the delivery process, from Design and UX, to front and backend development, hosting, data, digital marketing and testing. The new GoodHabitz site retains the playful, colourful character of the old site, is available in seven languages ​​to match their international growth, and has a much clearer focus on HR professionals. The presentation of the ‘why’ and  ‘how’ of the GoodHabitz methodology, combined with bold design and increased visibility, makes GoodHabitz a winning choice.


What the future holds 

Despite the challenges presented by the current climate, GoodHabitz and Dept worked collaboratively and virtually. The success achieved from this partnership was attributed to excellent communication that crossed multiple national borders and time zones. Teams spread across Brazil, Portugal and Macedonia were able to come together and produce a beautifully designed, solidly built website, incorporating data processing for digital marketing. GoodHabitz and Dept look to the future of this partnership to expand on features including the addition of a chatbot. We look forward to it!


Katy White

Client Director

Katy White


A next-level virtual digital event

20170901 DEPT FESTIVAL HR 291 min scaled

It can feel impossible to capture the spirit and energy of physical events and translate that into a digital experience. For years, employees have gathered by the water cooler or gone on company outings together. But that is no longer possible. Virtual calls have replaced our daily coffee meetings, and although they help are an important communication tool, many people find them draining. This makes hosting digital events difficult, as you miss the experience and magic of the physical experience. And to be honest, they simply get boring.

This was the challenge that we faced for our own flagship annual event: Dept Festival, a recent winner of the Dutch “Golden Giraffe” award for the best brand event. Over the last five years, what was once a small gathering had transformed into the industry festival of the year, hosting thousands of visitors from around the globe for three full days of inspiration on the future of creativity, data, and technology. However, COVID-19 forced us to re-imagine our flagship event.

The show must go on

Our challenge was to fit three days worth of activities and inspiration into three hours while making it feel like it all lasted only three minutes. To do this, we decided to create a next-level virtual experience full of energy, a little crazy and above all personal. And that’s why we reimaged the physical experience and transformed it into a virtual one by building an interactive, 3D festival map which supported 15 stages across which more than 35 presentations took place.

Visual Light 95 scaled

Designing and building a next-level virtual experience for Depsters worldwide

Visual Light 93 4 scaled

The process behind creating a next-level digital event

Simply transferring all the elements of the original festival to a virtual platform would have led to a clumsy, unsatisfying result. Therefore, reimagination was the key. To kick off the process, we started by conceptualising our vision, the platform and the architecture of the event. The concept was crucial as this became our red thread both visually but also across our communication which we could always refer back to.

With a clear theme and concept, we quickly began to build our 3D map using React Three Fiber, a front-end tool specifically engineered to manage and bring 3D experiences to life. This, in turn, connected to Zoom, Slack and Vimeo. Our designers had the first version up and running in just a couple of weeks.

While our developers and designers continued to refine and test the platform, our communication team arranged 50 speakers in addition to 15 stage hosts while also locking in extra goodies and entertainment we had up our sleeve.

Visual Light 94 1 scaled

Enticing and hyping up Depsters for what’s to come

Apart from designing the experience, we wanted to excite Depsters with what was to come. So we crafted an internal social campaign which included daily hints from our zebra mascot and teaser videos. These social drops excited Depsters worldwide and conveyed that this was not an ordinary Zoom event.

A seamless, online-offline event experience

In two months time, we designed and built a custom made a custom 3D festival map which one could easily explore and that was protected by single sign-on. The design and layout digitally recreated the festival site from the previous four years, squeezing in 15 stages and 35+ short and snappy presentations into a 3-hour event, and included some industry heroes like Stefan Sagmeister and Gmunk. A personal welcome movie by CEO Dimi Albers and Dept stage hosts made everyone feel welcome. With the help of Slack and ‘social reporters’, people knew what was going on all the virtual stages, creating a healthy amount of event FOMO, before and after the event.

Presentation topics ranged from diversity and inclusion to data intelligence, the future of voice, and coding for a 3D world. The fun was provided by virtual meditation, magicians, karaoke and DJ sets. ‘Easter eggs’ were hidden around the virtual map, leading people to things like the ten most famous internet cat movies, and a crazy Zoom background contest. The virtual Photo Booth generated a live photo wall, and in all thirteen countries, Depsters could have food delivered to their doorsteps via Ubereats and JustEat Takeaway after a visit to the digital food truck.

Looking forward

Because of COVID-19, virtualisation has become the new norm and this will shape the future by creating new hybrid events which combine both physical and digital elements. And it doesn’t stop with virtual events, imagine virtual product launches, remote assistance and digital campuses. Thinking bigger, one could picture entire online environments that enable organisations to exchange knowledge or try out products and services in an accessible and personal manner.

For organisations that want to explore possibilities for their virtual event and beyond, we offer services such as concepting, designing and building a virtual 3D world, supporting your brand deploy the necessary technology and security to host a large scale event in addition to helping with the production side of things. Because, in the end, life is too short to host boring events.


Max Pinas


Max Pinas

Studio Dumbar

Creating the largest motion design festival


Imagine being surrounded by motion designs in all shapes, colours and sizes. One mesmerising artwork after another is showcased on various screens captivating you, making you lose track of time. This is what happened in Amsterdam Central Station in November 2019. The screens which normally provide commercial messages to passersby’s showcased experimental and stimulating motion design. Studio Dumbar (part of Dept) and Exterion Media collaborated to create and organise Design in Motion (DEMO) festival which showcased the best motion designs from both national and international designers across all 80 screens for a period of 24 hours.

The largest design in motion festival

Nowadays, our society becomes more visually and technologically oriented. Interaction and communication between people and brands are predominantly digital and screen-based. That’s why motion is so important, it’s a fuse of design and technology that still has room for growth. Motion has the potential to enhance brands and digital experiences. DEMO festival aimed to put a spotlight on an underexposed yet increasingly important aspect of graphic design: motion. It offered this new art form a stage with access to a large audience where diverse designers could show their work, be inspired by others and build their network. The result was the largest design motion festival which took over all 80 screens at Amsterdam Central Station for 24 hours. The program changed every hour creating an ever-changing motion experience. 

Amsterdam central station became a moving work of art


Selecting from thousands

Studio Dumbar advertised an open call to designers globally to submit their work. This resulted in 2,738 submissions. The team proceeded to analyse every entry based on its concept, technical innovation and whether the design-challenged the current parameters of the media. It took them five rounds (18 hours per round) to narrow down which motion designs would be shown. The final selection included 400 creations by 253 designers from 37 countries. Based on the chosen designs, eleven themes were created such as ‘Happy Hour’, ‘Better than Real’, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Type Only’ which were shown throughout the day on all platforms, in the passages and the central hall. The themes were alternated with ‘takeovers’ during which the motion work of one designer is shown simultaneously across all 80 screens. 


From train station to exhibition space

The day of the exhibition, people showed up from around the world to be amazed and inspired by the various motion designs displayed. During the day, tours were held in addition to multiple free public lectures about all things design and motion. DEMO festival transformed Amsterdam’s main train station into one large moving work of art and inspired, intrigued and created a lasting experience for everyone. By showcasing thought-provoking and inspiring designs, this festival redefined out-of-home advertising by showing a new way of broadcasting information. 


Liza Enebeis

Creative Director

Liza Enebeis


Using Facebook to reignite the global passion for classical music

iStock 884391456 scaled

The world is undergoing a digital revolution, but classical music has been left behind and, as such, is facing a decline in popularity. However, Primephonic  refuses to accept this negative trend. The music streaming platform is translating the classical music experience into a digital one. Together, we developed a full-funnel media strategy using Facebook to reignite a worldwide passion for the music genre.

Using Facebook to reignite a worldwide passion for classical music

A not so classical Facebook campaign

The dutch-american startup was founded by a team of classical music lovers who aim to address the unmet needs of classical music lovers worldwide. From streaming music to discovering background information, the app enables music lovers to listen to more diverse music in a more enriching way. to reach a wider audience, the company approached Dept. We developed and implemented a global full-funnel approach on facebook that harnesses the power of data to tailor and personalise the message a user receives.

Catering to a non-linear customer journey

The goal of the campaign was to raise Primephonic’s brand awareness and encourage users to try the app for fourteen days for free. However, like for many companies, the customer journey for Primephonic is not linear. Therefore, when devising a campaign strategy, we realised that it too could not follow strict and specific stages. Instead, our always-on campaign included different KPI’s and ad types per phase, to ensure we reached users in a way that would entice them the most.

iStock 1221887249 scaled

Using data to drive the customer journey

We took a data-driven approach when developing Primephonic’s campaign strategy to ensure the brand’s message evolved with the customer journey. So, after targeting users with music-related interests, those that show interest are encouraged to try the app via a free ten-day trial. Depending on the user’s behaviour they might either get two free trials in a row or prompted to start a subscription. Thus enabling Primephonic to tailor its communication.

Partnering with classical celebrities

Numerous classical music artists she Primephonic’s vision and are eager to help the company bring classical music into the digital era. as a result, together with Primephonic, we partnered with known artists such as pavarotti, the new york philharmonic and atlanta symphony orchestra to co-create facebook campaigns. Meaning, we were able to advertise on the artist’s page and give their followers a customised discount code. In addition, we used their follower information to further hone in on the correct target audience.

Maximising the impact of every dollar spent

Throughout this project, we continuously made improvements and gathered learnings along the way which ensured that the Strategy Only grew stronger as we progressed. As our messaging became more and more personal and the app continued to develop, Primephonic saw a large increase in volume and a decrease in cost per action as shown below:

  • 18% decrease in cost per app install
  • 48% decrease in cost per trial
  • 44% decrease in cost per subscription

Together, we elevated the company’s social media presence by harnessing the power of creativity and data to reach the right people with the right message. Ensuring that classical music lovers around the world know that there is a platform for them.


Daniel Hoffmann

SEA Lead

Daniel Hoffmann


Visiting Samsung’s home in Seoul

iStock 1169744232 scaled

For the launch of Samsung’s latest flagship product, the Galaxy S10 | S10+, and their 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series, Samsung has invited its influencer community to discover the hometown of the brand: Seoul, in South Korea.

Where future begins

For 5 days, 37 so-called “Samsung snapshooters” had the opportunity to discover one of the most exciting cities in Asia. With the motto “Where Future Begins” in mind, the snapshooters immersed themselves in different cultural periods of South Korea. First they traveled back in time by visiting Seoul’s traditional sights, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace or the village of Bukchon Hanok. To get a taste of Seoul in the current day and age, they were taken on an adventure in the urban jungle of the city, or went through Bukhansan National Park to escape the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city. As a highlight of the trip, the snapshooters were invited to visit the Samsung headquarters in Suwon, where the future of technology is being redefined every day. A visit to the Samsung Innovation Museum and the Samsung d’light flagship store concluded the adventure full of exciting innovation.

In addition to the supporting program, all influencers were provided with a guide, which showed them the best photo opportunities in the city. This gave them the chance to capture the city through the lens of their Galaxy S10+. The photos turned out impressive, and both the snapshooters and Samsung created a lot of nice content for their channels during these sessions.

The content of the snapshooters that was created during the journey, was collected on a microsite to round off the storytelling. A comprehensive social media ad campaign is being shown on this microsite and invites users to explore Seoul through the eyes of the snapshooters. In addition, several travel videos were created based on the video material of the snapshooters, which are shown as video ads as well as serving as openers on the microsite.

samsung 1 scaled 1


  • 1 million organic reach on the IG channels of the influencers
  • 1,9 million IG Story views on the influencers’ channels
  • 227 pictures and 603 videos were exclusively produced for Samsung
  • 348% Return On Invest
  • 134 Instagram posts made
  • 1,04 million organic reach
  • 106k engagement
  • 1.502 IG Stories made
  • 1,91 million views


Oliver Brügmann

Managing Director

Oliver Brügmann

Aaron Wegmann

Hear it, see it and feel it.

wegmen 1

Swiss musician Aaron Wegmann released his 2020 album, «Pancha», along with a fascinating web experience. At the heart of the digital presence is an online media player that generates a unique clip every time a song is played; an audio-visual journey that never existed before and never will again. shows its own kind of real live moments.

Internet meets songwriting

A web project for a musician holds the potential for ideas and solutions that go beyond the scope of standard band websites. For guitarist and singer-songwriter Aaron Wegmann, we created a digital spectacle that is based on the internet itself and, at the same time, has an inner relationship to Aaron’s songwriting.

Dive in and discover the endless dance between sounds, words and visuals

Sounds inspire words inspire images

Aaron’s way of writing songs is intuitive; when he plays a riff on his guitar and spontaneously sings words that fit well, he often creates a new song. The website designed by Dept reflects this process on a technical level. The clips add a visual dimension of their own to the music; a fascinating world of images, whose source are the lyrics of the songs.

A web application for a unique experience

Following our concept, freelancer Joris Noordermeer built the website using different frameworks based on JavaScript. The web application is connected to several photo-sharing platforms where it starts search queries for each word of the lyrics. Single images are randomly selected out of the search results and displayed in the browser, synchronized to Aaron’s vocals. The dance of words and visuals starts anew every time and never repeats.

aaron wegmann c

Experience the website

Hear it, see it, feel it

‘Randomness’ as a design principle and the use of visual material from almost infinite sources is reminiscent of Pop Art, Dadaism and Surrealism. Diving into the flow of the clips, one can find a new way to access Aaron’s music. Thus the website for «Pancha»​ becomes an essential element of his artist branding.


Michael Hinderling HV Dept e1627477841234

Creative Director

Michael Hinderling

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