Wanted: 50 Full Stack javascript developers excited to learn the latest in crypto

DEPT® is looking for 50 folks excited to learn about tackling the latest in blockchain based technology and solving problems in a decentralised world.

DEPT® is Europe’s leading digital agency, a group of more than 2000 smart, savvy & passionate digital makers with 15 offices across 13 different countries worldwide, including the United States.

Recently, we launched the first-ever open source, white label NFT marketplace created through our partnership with Algorand. The result, AlgoMart, makes it possible for brands to create and sell their own NFTs without using third party intermediaries. 
With the success of AlgoMart, we are now building out a team of fullstack Javascript developers who will both learn and work on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other cutting edge technologies. 

The devs we’re looking for have 5+ years of experience working on software development teams. Their knowledge runs deep on at least one modern Javascript framework. And, above all, they have an interest in the rapidly evolving world of crypto and blockchain technology.

Here are some other qualifications you, as a candidate, have:

  • The ability to deploy your software and configure DNS records.
  • Passion for learning about developing in the crypto space and experimenting with new technologies related to it.
  • An understanding of relational data modeling and non-relational data modeling alike and when to use one or the other.
  • A natural ability to solve problems and willingness to take initiative.
  • A desire to work directly with clients, mentor junior developers and are good at distilling technical information for a variety of roles.

Working in this team, you’ll help build complex, cutting edge apps that are making a material impact across the globe and be seen by millions of users worldwide. You’ll also be given the opportunity to teach yourself and experiment with the latest in crypto and blockchain technology, including proof-of-stake blockchains, smart contracts, developer tools and DeFi applications. 
Along the way, you’ll be able to collaborate with like-minded folks to expand and improve your own skillset.
You’ll also be joining Dept! A company that will support you and your growth. And a newly minted B Corporation on a mission to foster a more equitable, sustainable world. Not to mention one that’s also fun-loving!
Sounds cool? View availability below!

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